2008 Paydirt Winners


JORBA: Director
Here are a few shots from the Campmor H2H awards dinner of the JORBA Paydirt winners.

L to R - Brendan Poe (Cyclecraft), Rich Vanderbos (Prize Winner), Jeff Mergler (JORBA Executive Director)

Rich is the proud new owner of a Cannondale Scalpel, courtesy of Cyclecraft. Rich's name was pulled out of a hat by Brendan. Each person who completed trail work hours this year was given one chance to win for every 4 volunteer hours completed. The numbers were rounded UP to the nearest 4. The great thing about this raffle is that anyone who comes out for a trail work day has a chance for an "over the top" prize. Thanks again to Cyclecraft for setting the tone and encouraging people to give back to the trails.

L to R - Jess Hoeverman (JORBA Paydirt), Frank Harms (JORBA V.P.), Steve Filiponi (Prize Winner), Ellen White (JORBA Paydirt), Jeff Mergler (JORBA E.D.), Kevin Stoudt (JORBA Paydirt)

Steve is the proud new owner of a Fuji Panic Pro thanks to The Bicycle Hub of Marlboro. Owner Wally Tunison awarded the bike to the volunteer who logged the most hours in 2008. Steve logged an incredible 182.5 hrs of trail work, mostly in Stephens State Park. If you had the chance to go on a group ride at JORBAfest this year you probably hit some of Steve's handiwork. Great job Steve and thanks once again to The Bicycle Hub!

These two shops have stepped up to support Paydirt and NJ trails. It is fitting, since both have roots in the NJ mountain biking scene from the very beginning. Please remember to thank them with your patronage.

A huge thanks should also go out to out Paydirt Administrators. Long time Paydirt Guru Kevin Stoudt, and newcomers this year Ellen White and Jess Hoeverman. The team has really brought Paydirt to a new level of success, awesome job!

L to R - Jess, Ellen, Kevin

Paydirt was the brainchild of JORBA founder Sara Frost. It was created to encourage racers to give back to the sport and trail they are racing on and awards racers points in their race series. It has served as a model all over the country. 2008 Marks the first year JORBA has used Paydirt to track ALL volunteer hours contributed to our parks and it has been an overwhelming success. Paydirt now gives back not only to the trails and racers, but to anyone who shows up for a trail day and puts in 4 hours (rounded up of course!)

See you all in 2009, keep the Paydirt coming!
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