2008 Nike MS - NY


El Guac-Oh
**Nike??? duh I meant BIKE...:rofl:

wow...am I becoming a roadie :hmmm:

the DARK side is calling

what is going on here??????

I just signed up for this:

another 100miles....I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday!!!

Don't worry I will not be asking for pledges, I already have the minimum of $100 ;) But if you would like to pledge PM for details.

ps. and NO, I don't know anybody with MS.
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El Guac-Oh
While most of you were busy racing @ Blue, I was doing my first WET road ride. I didn't knew what to expect of road tires and wet roads but luckily I didn't crash.

Awesome ride, despite the WET & COLD start. Lots of people. Pretty well stocked rest areas. Burgers, Hot Dogs & Pasta at the end.

This was definitely the toughest of the three 100mi rides I did this year, with lots more climbing.

I flatted again and my buddy flatted too. Lots of tiny pieces of glass get stuck in the tires, maybe I need better tires? :confused:

Here's the loop:
Again, I don't really trust this thing as far as climbing and max speed. I am sure I did hit my highest speed up to date, but 54mph seems too much.

And the lesson of the day:
When it is raining and you are riding the road on a multi-lane road. Don't take the left lane!!! I got soaked twice from cars hitting major puddles going the opposite way. It is freaking scary!!! And one also wonders how clean NYC puddle water can be :hmmm:
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