2008 Mountain Man pics are up


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599 pictures!
I have no real way to break them up to make it easier to find yourself so I apologize.
But about half way through the set I turned the camera to vertical, Its when I started noticing people on their 2nd lap. But those guys were COOKING. So if you were medium paced your first lap could still be beyond that point. If your ere flying, Your 2nd lap might be prior to that point.

I got horrible pictures of the running part, I just got back from shooting a wedding with my buddy and my settings were all screwed up. I got to the race just in time to see eveyone off. Then i couldn't figure out where runners were running TO, so I only ended up getting the biking portion.

I had a great time. What an awesome event. Highly recommended. I'm the world's worst runner or I'd compete since I think I can complete a lap of Lewis Morris blindfolded by now. I've been there at least 50 times this year.

Oh and if anyone can help me out finding out where the runners came from like a message board or mailing list, I'd appreciate letting me know so I can post this link for them as well.

Anyway, the pics:


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Thank You

Eventho I wasn't in the race thanks for going out there and taking pics and devoting your time either this be your freelance or real job. I dunno.

Great to see pics of events and make me mad jealous I missed a cool race. Great job with that. =p

Briefly browsing... spiderman (the freaking helmet was even color coordinated), the dude dressed as a maid could well pass for a chick from a distant, and little red riding hood were the good ones.


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I go because my friends race. I am terrible at adrenalin control and just racing in general so I practice with everyone all year and just go and take pictures. I actually ride weekly with spiderman. haha :D
I don't do it for the money, I just want to recoup my gas money and server expenses for hosting a million pictures (almost 2gb online for just this event) Any extra money goes into a pot to get me some better camera equipment. I'm actually using some pretty entry level stuff, I could really use some upgrades.
I'm glad you enjoyed the pics.


Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I hope more people start to dress up, that's the best part of the race! (Ok, that and maybe winning it.)


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Dude great job! They should use that pic of little red riding hood on pg 34 as their trademark or something, that is a perfect picture to describe this event!
Thanks for taking the time to do this.


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Yeah her picture came out great, really captured the event. I actually made that the highlight picture on my main page, www.gtluke.com

Someone needs to help me figure out where all the runners came from so I can spam their message board :)
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