2008. how much you spend?


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last night i got bored and decided to try to basically tally up how much i spent on bike stuff in the past year or so. its basically a loose list. im sure theres other stuff as well. what did YOU spend?

bike- 480
helmet- 45
clipless pedals-40
grips- 40
base layer- 30
top layer- 40
socks- 20
pump- 50
under armor head cover- 15
balaclava- 10



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I'm better off not knowing. Ignorance is most positively bliss in this instance.


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I'm better off not knowing. Ignorance is most positively bliss in this instance.


Just looking at MIG's list reminded me of another bunch of purchases.
I thought if I just got the bike I wouldn't need to spend more money...:rolleyes:

Now, I'm gonna ask myself a different question:
How much of the money that I spent on bike stuff was wasted?

Very little.


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new 29er - 1300ish
new CX - 800 ish
new fixie - 250 ish
brothers 29er - 350
other misc stuff - 300

so about 3k more or less


No idea what I've spent, but it's probably too much. I'm with Cyclopath in questioning how much I wasted. In 2009, I'm planning on buying less "stuff" and trying to spend more time riding.


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I spent more than I could justify to anyone but myself.

I spent less than I would have if I was into any of these other interests.
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Cycling can be expensive at first. Once you have what you need...It is Free!!!


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in the interest of keeping a happy marriage, i'm going to say $100. :D

My wife only sees prices when I pay with plastic. I will often start a transaction with cash and then pay the balance with the plastic. Wifey only sees the receipts from the plastic. Cash is good.
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I couldn't begin to guess. I have 3 "new" bikes since a year ago, and a host of winter clothing I didn't have before. I don't even want to know. This is why I give myself nothing for Christmas. New road bike on the not-too-distant horizon.


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I had to think long and hard about this, I wish I hadn't...

Price of:

Hope hubs and front Mavic 717 - 175
Wheel Build and rear 717 - 150
Mavic Aksium rear - 130
Stans kit - 70
Kenda road tire - 35
Kenda Nev x2 - 65
CB Mallets - 40
X9 rear shifter - 55
990 cassete - 80
980 chain - 30
Hope Discs (x2) - 90
Brake Pads - 40
Phil Wood Grease - 7
Flak Jacket cables - 35
Camelbak hose - 10
Diablo lift ticket - 35
XT cranks - 220
cycling comp - 110
der hanger - 20
Road bike - 250
DH bike - 450
Misc Tools - 20
Tubes - 30
Rock Shox part - 30
Fork Oil - 10
Entry Fees - 70
Clothing - 100

Grand Total = 2357

Riding a well maintained bike in the sun with friends: Priceless.:)


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:2guns::2guns: $$$$$$

LaLa! I dont want to talk about this. But Lets not forget race fees, gas, food. Yea that hurts to think about too.
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