2007 Gary Fisher Opie Upgrades...


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I have a SR XCC-150 42/34/24 crank on my '07 Gary Fisher Opie.

The arm came loose on my first 8 mile run into The City this weekend.
I had it tightened up at a LBS for $3. and it's fine.

Because I like to ride hard, I'm thinking now that this might be an recuring problem (one that will definately frustrate me to no end). I'll see how it lasts as I take the bike out more and more, but what options do I have for a reasonably priced upgrade (say up to $100)?

I was thinking of just using the bike to get back into biking initially, but after reading about the frame's rave reviews, I'm considering moderately building it (crankset of course, pedals, tires, wheels, etc...).

From what I hear, the brakes are good enough and the gears are sufficient for what I need (Urban Attack/Light Trail/Suburban Road). I'll save the all out blast for my next bike once I've learned exactly what direction I want to go in riding-wise (thinking about a Gary Fisher PhD so far).


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You could upgrade to something like a Shimano Deore crank and bottom bracket. The Deore stuff is going to give you an oversized splined interface between the cranks and spindle. It's much stiffer, lighter, and stronger. Have fun.

different tyres, saddle, grips, or pedals. dont upgrade things that cost too much because as it is a nice bike, it is still a lower end bike.
Hey guys, thanks for the advice.
I have a better idea of the stages I want to go in.
So far, the bike as is has performed flawlessly
(and I dont' just ride to the store & back with it).

I'm beating it, but she's tight.

You might also ask your local shop if they have any cranks that they might sell you that were take-offs. Often times customers want to upgrade from stock and we have cranks left over.

Once a square taper crank loosens or falls off it will always re loosen.
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