2005 - August 26-28 - 24 Hours of Allamuchy


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Early: Before 7/16
Solo $110
2 Person $220
Tandem $220
4 Person $400
5 Person $500
Corporate $800

Regular: 7/16 - 8/16
Solo $120
2 Person $240
Tandem $240
4 Person $440
5 Person $575
Corporate $900

Late: After 8/16
Solo $150
2 Person $300
Tandem $300
4 Person $560
5 Person $725
Corporate $1050

Race begins 12 noon Saturday and ends 12 noon Sunday. We strongly encourage you to arrive Friday to set up camp & pre-ride the course. Race packet pickup: 10AM till 7PM on Fri, Aug 27; 8am-10am on Sat, Aug 28. NORBA Licenses will not be required.

A Primary and secondary light system is required for night riding. Some light charging systems may be available. More details to follow. Electric Outlets will be available on a limited basis, bring extra and fully charged batteries.

Solo Racers: Novice riders and juniors are not allowed in this group, age determines class.

Men: 19 to 29 years, 30 to 39 years, 40 to 44 years, 45+ years
Overall - top 3 finishers, regardless of age
Women: 19 to 39 years, 40+ yeras
Overall - top 3 finishers, regardless of age

2 Person Team: 2 riders: 2 Men; 1 Man and 1 Woman; or 2 Woman. Ages do not matter.

Tandem: 2 riders: 2 Men; 1 man and 1 Woman; or 2 Women. Ages do not matter.

4 Person Teams: Class determined by the combined ages of team members.

Men: Junions (<72 years), Seniors (73 to 116 years), Veterans (117 to 156 years), masters (157+ years)
Overall - top 3 finishing teams, regardless of age group.
Women: Open Class, ages do not matter
Mixed: (2 Men $ 2 Women): Open Class, ages do not matter.

5 Person Team: Must have at least 1 Woman, ages do not matter.

Corporate Team: 6-10 riders, any combination of men or women, ages do not matter.

Important: Teams and individuals are strongly encouraged to have a support crew.

Additional Information:
info@24hoursofallamuchy.com or http://24hoursofallamuchy.com

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy
24 hr Race


Wow, strong e-mail! :shock: So is there anything in aprticular that you did not like about the 2004 race or is this a general rant? I can understand the rain, that always sucks, but what else...specifically. If you are going to slam something how about giving us the details, not just a tease. Also, to quote someone (Keith B) and then go on to indicate that you're not sure how the person really felt or if the preson was talking about the same topic is a bit much.

As with any on going event, I am sure the orginizors would appreciate constructive feed back. Whatcha got?

Bob W


well documented

I also raced at Allamuchy this past year. It was my third year there and 6th 24hr race overall.
I think peoples complaints about the course are well documented, if not here, on mtbr and other sites.
Any course where a large majority of the riders had to walk there bikes for as much of the course as we did that weekend, may not be considered fun. For me the rain had little to do with it. As a matter of fact, 3 years ago it rained for most of the race and it didnt seem as grueling as this past year.
Dont get me wrong, I will be racing this year but I hope the course is more.....rideable for the masses.

Bob, looks like you are new here (1st post), tell us about yourself...where do you ride?
Did you race Allamuchy this year? are you part of the an organization affiliated with the race? If you raced it, Is it safe to assume that you enjoyed it?
Are you are the same "Bob W" from mtbr?

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy

Sorry for not introducing myself, did not relize we had to do that here. :eek:

Ok: so I have been riding in NJ since 1990; I have a bunch of bikes in my garaage; fav riding place is allamuchy, but have riden all over the place through out the US; I have the best wife in the world; and also the best dalmation.

So about the race....yes I did it this past year, and I have raced Allamucht every year with the exception of 1996. Total number of 24 hr races that I have completed, 20 or so (Caanan, Moab, and Snowshoe). Oh did I enjoy the race, but of course. Except fotr the rain, hate racing in the rain. Did I have to walk any of the course, truthfully, yes the section leading into "4-Bump" after the bridge (about 20 yards) and the section right after the water bar (about 20 yards). The rest of the course was all ridable, and not I do not race expert or semi-pro! My avergae time for the race was about 1:30. But hey thats just me. Our team this year raced in 4-person and we finished in 6th place, I think. Oh yeah, in the past I have done the race on the tandem with my wife, did I say that she is the best wife in the world!

"Am I part of the org affiliated with the race?" Guilty, I am one of the course designers. Now before you start with the " well no wonder why he liked the course stuff" lets look at my posts regarding the course, including those on that other MTB site (yes I am the same Bob W), I have never reacted harshly towards anyone that has posted a negative review of the course. The purpose of my posts have been to get constructive, objective feed back from those who have participated, not just the bashing the race. My feeling is if you are going to say something in public, explain yourself.

So what is th point to all of this...well based on the feed back that I have recived there has been some negative feed back on last years race, but the overall response has been good. This includes the two SS guys from AZ who rode solo! Will the course be different this year, you bet! Our objective is to use the trail system that we have avalible and not just run the same course over and over again. Some sections we have to use each year, but the idea is to show racers some new trails each year and keep within some simple parameters (course lenght around 10 miles, tot elevation gain around 1,500 feet).

O yeah I almost forgot...I am a Gemini and I love walks on moonlit nights!


I think that covers just about everything. Hey Jason, good luck with the Site!

See ya,

Bob W.
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