2:30 Ride at Wawayanda(1/21)


El Guac-Oh

Conditions yesterday sucked...the snow was soft and the climbs were a pain in the CULO.

Hopefully the extra day of freezing temps helped.


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Sweet...I'll just have to ride faster :drooling: I'm thinking they should have firmed up considering it was single digits last night...


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It really wasn't that bad today. Got in there about noon did 14 miles and on my way out met Ryan on his way in. There was only 2 other tire tracks that I saw, I know one was El's. Even on the steep ups I didn't see footprints next to his track though.
Probably heading there Wed, don't have a time yet though


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Yea it was a good ride today. I had a good group with me, myself, and I. It wasn't the best of conditions but it was still good to get out. It was compacted a bit on the fire roads but the other stuff was like pedaling through 2 inches of granular snow. The ups needed smooth circles to get up em and the downs needed no brakes as the snow held ya back. I got 2.5 hrs in at probably 15-18 degrees and I was still comfy. I did Sitting Bear to Lookout to Pickle to Pines to Rattlesnake to pickle to white trail to Cherry Ridge to Red dot and back. It was good at times and bad at times but I'm glad I got out. It was good to see Dave out there just to let myself know that I wan't the only nut out there...
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