1UP USA bike rack 1-1/4" to 2" adapter bolt


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I seem to have misplaced the bolt that holds the 2" adapter/shim to the 1-1/4" shaft in place. Does anyone happen to know what thread size that bolt is? I'm hoping it may be a common size that is readily available. Thanks.
They have 3D files with Bill of materials for most of their parts on their website, check the part.
1UP seems to use Freedom units not metric so start there at the hardware store.
if you have the adapter in hand just walk into HD (or hardware store of your choosing) with it and start testing . . . .
The adapter just has the hole for the bolt to go through. The threaded part is on the shaft of the rack and I don't want to bring the rack into the store.
I got these and it works. Got a pack of 10, using one and keeping another as a spare so I have 8 more if anyone needs them. They are only 1/2" long which is shorter than the original version but that's all you need to hold the adapter in place while installed in the receiver.
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