1st trip to Allaire this weekend



Hi all. I live in VA but will be visiting my folks this wknd, and hoping to get to Allaire Saturday or Sunday morning. Couple quick questions.

- The 'hospital lot' on the Gmaps- is that the best place to park? Are there any identifying markers I should look for? I've car-camped at Allaire long ago, but got there via the signs off Exit 98.

- Can you recommend me a suitable loop(s) that'll take 90-120 minutes roughly? About my skill level- beginner. I have a rigid SS bike (dinglespeed) with 38x20 and 42x16. In good shape, due to my 13 mile r/t daily commute to work and lots of longer road rides on weekends. For point of reference, I've done a bunch of rides at Lewis Morris without any problems, and down here in the DC area- Fountainhead, Accotink, and Difficult Run on the Ffx Connector Trail...

- What kinds of crowds can I expect? Is there a time of day after which I'll want to be out of there in regards to slowing people down on certain tracks?

* EDIT: not sure what the weather's been like, so if anyone knows for sure if it'll be too wet to ride this weekend, and can chime in, I'd appreciate it. It'd keep me from bringing my MTB if I should only be sticking to the roads.
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I rode Allaire once this year - was hoping to do this weekend too but not going to the shore last minute.

-I parked in the Hospital Lot - reasonable size - hard to miss if I remember correctly. Parking there worked for me. People fly model airplanes nearby so you may hear them wizzing when you get close.

-That place is a roller coaster that is reasonably marked but there are so many spurs that it's easy to get lost and/or off the path. That's the only place I've ridden where I got completely dissoriented and lost. Perhaps others can help.

-There were lots of bikers when I went a few Saturdays ago - late morning - and some hikers and a horse or two. Maybe less because of the weather.

-It will be sandy and wet - fo sho!

Hope that helps.


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*38x20 will be a good gear there. I ride 42x16 all winter on my road fixie and I don't think you be too happy with that in Allaire.

*There's no clearly-defined loop. Allaire has a "web" of trails that allow zillions of options, so noodle around and see what you can sort out.

*The sandy areas will be great, but there will likely be standing water in some corners on the tighter singletrack, and definitely some mud on the lower trails.


I went to Allaire around 7:30 last Saturday morning and had a blast. Tried to stick mostly to the Orange trail but I was on and off it multiple times- musta cut some bits off it, because I definitely did not ride 16 miles in an hour and a half.
38x20 seemed to be a perfect gear for me there; left my bike at my folks and am heading back up the weekend after this one.

You guys do a great job there...
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