160mm Front Shock


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Can anyone recommend a 160mm Front shock. I was looking at a Fox 36 Vanilla, Marzocchi All Mountain 2, 2009 Marzocchi 55R, or a Rockshox Lyric. HELP:confused:
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The Rockshox Revelation only has 140mm. You need to look at the Lyric to get 160mm.


The Zoch AM 2 doesn't really fit into that grouping, with it's QR setup and lackluster performance (in comparison to those 3), though you can get a deal on one. I don't have much performance input beyond that, though I know the Vanilla specifically won't adjust it's travel down from 160 whereas the 55 and all Lyrics (except the DFR solo air) wind down to 125 and 115 respectively. If you're interested in climbing this bike at all, you'll want something with travel adjust. Shame these forks cost a fortune.
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