12 O'Muddy


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Some pics of the fun!
Great pic of Wendi and NJ Jess sporting some mud!


I hope the pics post, I just learned how to do it.
good shots! I was at CC on Saturday talking to the guys there about the 12 hour. Everyone was eager for the updates.

is that a Prophet? how did you like it in the muck?
The prophet

That was a loaner from...."cannondale guy" in his big rig. I liked the bike very much, HOWEVER....."Cannondale Guy", apparently brought two types of tires.....good mud tires, and bad mud tires.

I got the bad mud tires, and they SUCKED!!!!

But I am currently bike shopping in a big way, so it was helpful, and I had a good lap time on the bike, so that was a plus.

And Wendi, glad you liked the pics!!! We had a great team.
Good job girls on completeing that muddy race!

Congrats to Jess and Dar for winning the 2 person female! How did everyone else do?


We were the only 4 person female team, so we won by default...HOWEVER, we did great. One of the women on the team was a first time racer...and she raced in that weather, and did it with a smile.
We had a blast, lap times were good....nobody was injured....

All good.......

Still recovering

Hey Ruth! I'm still recovering from the race. This rain is nothing compared to the Race! Wow. I'm still hyped that I did 7 laps! We won 12 laps to 11 against the women from Delaware.

I'm stoked that my Titus is begin built today. Campmor will have it ready for me Thursday. I'm riding Hartshorne this weekend with my Swiss friend. Do you want to join in. Maybe we can get another, All Girls ride! gotta dial the Titus in for Mt Snow NORBA race! Thanks again for the pictures. Brendan has some cool ones too! Hey Kerry,....where are you,......Ride!!!!!NJ Jess

7 lap woman!!!!
Sent you a pm.....about Sunday.


And when oh when will the rain stop.....
Just trying to stay afloat! I'd love to join you at Hartshorne, but unfortunately I have other plans. If anything changes, I'll let you know. We did a 48 mile road ride Sunday, working on my base miles. I felt really good after and could have ridden longer.

Connie's going to ride the 25 mile course, at the Fair Hills Poker Run, with me. Too bad you guys can't make it. It's a great place to ride.

Happy to hear the Titus is in. You're going to love it. A little bird told me you got another bike, too.....

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Enjoy the day!

OH Wow! What wind we had today. I didn't ride the Titus yet. It keeps staring at me from the dinningroom. I still have to set the shocks, so I want to do everything slowly. Darn manuals, bedtime reading I suppose. Yea! Got a downhill beauty! What an Impulse buy. I really need a road bike, but the Rocky Mountain was just too beautiful. Besides, I know Adam did all the work on it himself. Sorry you cant' make Hartshorne. I believe you said you were going to FairHills this week. Tell us about it. Ride on! Smiles,,.....NJ Jess
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