12 mile kittatiny ride


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I picked up my new haro mary ss today (thanks Flat Friggin Tyres) and needed to break her in. My buddy Evan (downhiller (kid who was in drifting pictures)) and I rode. We rode most of the race course, and up to the tower. I dont know if riding a 26er will ever be the same.









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I tested a mary at kittatinny for a couple hours, it was fun stock. The mary bars had to go, I like the look of the ones you have on. It was a 20" frame and felt huge, they didn't have any others in. The gearing was right on for kittatinny too, 32/20 I think.

My wrists and back hurt after the ride for a couple days, but part of me still wants it.


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Sweet sweet ride! The mary sure is damn fun. However it looks as if you have a lot of cable flapping around there that you may need to tidy up. Wouldnt want to see you getting yanked around by something on the trails, like by a bear or something!:D


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The 29er/SS Borg are now assimilating the young?! Um, uh, welcome.

Nice ride. You'll find that there are all sorts of body parts that will hurt after wrenching a SS around that didn't with a geared bike.

I took my Rig out for a 3hr romp at Mahlon yesterday (kids and wife were down the shore->FREEDOM!)...'think I hit just about every trail. After mashing up those hills at MD, the last hour was tough. Legs, arms, shoulders, lower back, lungs, heart, everything was shot. Honestly, today I feel like I did a century yesterday.

Oh, and another thing, when you ride that thing w/o a riding partner with a geared bike, be careful! Yesterday was the first time on my SS alone and the damn thing is so quiet that you roll up on all sorts of woodland creatures. Damn near hit 5-6 critters yesterday. With the buzzing of the Chris King on the back of my Turner, this was never a problem before.

After you ride the Mary couple of times, hop on your 26er and post your thoughts. After camping next week, I'm gonna' dust off the Turner and do the same. s/b interesting.


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I'm gonna' dust off the Turner and do the same. s/b interesting.

mmm.. I predict a Sultan will be in Fogerson's stable soon?

I know what you mean about the SS thing. I'm loving it. Rode 22 miles at Stewart yesterday. What a great workout and an awesome day.
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