12/24 Mahlon - Everyone



Hi Chaps, sorry but can't make tomorrow. I'm going to attempt to break something at Hunter Mountain...

I might head to Allaire on Tuesday though...

Happy Holidays!


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ok, we're figuring on a maximum of three hours trail time, with several bail out options(easy spin back to parking lot on road/railbed). does anyone who responded 'yea' object to starting at 8:30? it would very much help those travelling a bit to make this ride, and would have anyone sticking around for the entire ride out of the woods by 11:30 at the latest, probably before.


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Hey Sean, how long did it take for you and Brett to get to six mile that day, just trying to get an idea of when I should be on the road by.



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final plans?

830 is good for me. I am goin to plan on an hour commute up there. Sound about rite? Walter you gonna head up by yourself or would you like to ride up together?
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it took us an hour and 15 minutes, but i drive slow. not sure what the traffic will be like tomorrow, but i doubt you'll run into much at that hour.

8:30 IT IS!!


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Fred, I got friends over here tonight so I am not 100% certain for tomorrow, hopefully I wont give into peer pressure and I'll be able to get up there.

Hope to see you all in the a.m.



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alright, ride is officially for 8:30, but i will be there at 8, just in case anyone shows up.

my cell # is nine.seven.three..two.two.nine..seven.four.three.eight


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Damn my friends, damn my lack of self control and damn alcohol for being so tastey. Dont think Im going to make it, hope everyone has fun and has a great holiday.

still drinking


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potential route

here's the most likely route we will take, for anyone who want's to show up late and jump in:

from rock rill: up hill behind mansion to rail bed.

option #1: easy route goes straight to gate at parking lot. super tech but short trail goes right and around the pond to parking lot.

rail bed across weldon. (2nd)right at four crossings on pine swamp. bear left on the little extension.

option #2: easier route goes left, then second right on singletrack bypass to main trail, follow across bridge and wait at cascade singletrack. ambitious route goes right, then left into the really technical end of cascade, meet others in middle.

continue on cascade to it's end, go straight. right on singletrack. left on boulder at end.

option #3: shorter route goes right then immediate left, take singletrack on the left(look for cairns). bear right twice. wait up in field. ambitious route climbs up to the highest point, backtrack about 100yds, and right onto singletrack. right at end, then immediate left. continue to singletrack on right(cairns), meet the others in field. *bail out point*

around field, into singletrack bear right twice again, down onto old mining road. left. first right. into camper area, across field and into trail. bear right onto pine swamp, then turn right up to the ball field. this would be a decent spot to jump in for the final bit. *bail out point*

take a left in the parking lot by the info sign. carefully cross weldon at the end(crosswalk). bear left within 50 yrds. bear right downhill. bear left. *bear right to bail* stay on the fireroad to go down a very rocky hill. through the singletrack at end with bridge. on the other side:

option #4: easy climb continues straight. wait up at intersection at top. absurdly tech climb goes right onto gray trail, then left at intersection. right at the intersection with fireroad to meet up with others.

turn right on yellow trail, then immediate left onto stone gate singletrack. left at end. right onto dam, then cruise back to automobiles.
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check your email.

fred- army of none
chris- ??
dave- dmc123
jeff- mtbdawgjeff
DOH! guy on a Strong frame from mtbr. sorry, forgot the name.


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Great ride today guys! thanks to all who showed, both from this board and mtbr. we had a total of 8 riders, and put in about 14 miles. several guys put in some travel time to get here too. fred, who again, has only been riding about 7 months, was the only person to make it through one of the tech sections. on a singlespeed. amazing.


Here's the data from my GPS: http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/episode/view.mb?episodePk.pkValue=1781536

In honor of my efforts today, I have changed my avatar.

Great meeting the new faces today and Fred, you animal. For someone with less then 7months and on a SS as well you did great. Here's your vid of the rock section.

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