12/13 Beginner/intermed. JH Sat. 10am


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The Pedal Sports gang is out to prove that we can ride parks outside of Ringwood.
Granted, it's not too far outside Ringwood... but ride it, we will!

Come join us for another tour in our no-drop series.
**Depending on my motivation and thoughts of goodwill, home-baked cookies
may or may not be available to all after the ride.**

So, place your bets. Then bring coffee, rum or other warm beverages and take your chance.
PM me for contact #'s or for more info.

Yes, Ladies(or Grrrllls, if you prefer) are welcome and encouraged to join us.
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Sorry for the late notice.

West Milford has had a lot of rainfall and ice damage over the last week. Flood warnings are still in effect.
It would be prudent and in the best interests of the park to give it more time to dry out before riding.

We'll reschedule this ride at a later date.
RW lot C is still on for 8am Sunday

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