12/1 afternoon ride



I am thinking afternoon ride maybe 12:00? anyone interested mahlon or just jefferson trails.
I have chimney cleaner comming between 9-11
I just got bike ack rear shock was rebuilt i thinke it has been broken since first ride it is like a new new bike.
I am thinking 12:00 unless i can get the cleaners to give me better time?
Where you meeting? If i can make it will be in a white Saturn. Just let me know meeting point.
It is 9:42 they are here cleaning i am in for the ride where are we meeting?
Jimex Main lot on Weldon Road 11am. I'll be in a white toyota black bike on trunk. Hope to see you there.

Great ride today guys. Below are some snaps. The trails were dry, crunchy on the ice, and very leafy. Out of the wind it was really nice. I think we did about 12 or 13 miles - my gps decided to take the day off.
Pic 1 Stan Le Cup Alex
Pci 2 Me
Pic 3 Stratocaster Steve
Pic 4 Victor

Good Times. Alex, can you send me the gps when you get a minute? Cheers.

Oh, and a nice burger at the Thirsty Moose on the way home.
Im glad I made the ride today, I ended up finishing the way you guys started. Hope to do it again soon.

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