1/27 Allaire


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I was going to hit up allaire tomorrow on my squishy bike and just roll around and have fun try and all the jumps and drops I can find. Nothing crazy in pace but I was going to try and do the few climbs there a couple times to get the juices going. I don't really know my way around that well but I've got some vague ideas and my GPS. Feel free to tag along I was going to show up some time noonish or so, should be a cold day so thawing is probably a non-issue.


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Damn,,,some of us will be at work :(
this whole work thing is getting in the way of the fun things...


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I'd love to do a jump/fun/non-crazy pace ride thru Allaire but instead of work I have a 3 year old to watch today. Hope you have a good ride. Let me know how the stunts are running. I'd like to get down there sometime soon.


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Cr*p! I wasn't sure if I should bring my bike to work today or tomorrow and go riding right from work. I should have brought it today and headed right for Allaire! Maybe I still will go, but it will be later. Have a fun ride!
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