1/12/09 hartshorne 12:30 afternoon


12:30 pm lower lot (buttermilk/Nav ave) ride will be all of harstorne (woods and base) at a pace determined by how we feel time/weather/age/Sunday evening consumption considered.
linking Huber may or may not happen after

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
I can't make this one as I have a job. they even expect me to show up at the same time every day. (Just messin' with you, of course. I am just jealous.)


thanks guys
hey when you post that data motion for this ride can you leave the "not moving" part out please? although i will except its data for your speeds over mine


Frozen crunchy goodness!

Augi, Joe and I road Hart today for about 2 hours, the conditions were frozen granular to the west side, a skim of chocolate pudding on an ice rink on the east side with ice encrusted roots about.

That said, the riding traction was fantastic :) if you stayed in the crunchy goodness at trail edges, roots, foot prints and tire tracks from earlier are clear ice.

So keep your wheels rolling, squeeze you brakes like a trigger :D,its all fun today.

We saw a couple of sliding dogs and slipping walkers, bikes just tracked.


whats nice about that is he means he and joe did all that. i was over my head but their patience was appreciated
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