06' Rock Shox WC ... HELP!



Hi Guys,
I have the 06' Rock Shox World cup forks. I bought them on eBay.
I didn't recieve the owners manual. I went riding this past Sunday and felt they were too stiff. Would anyone out there in MTBNJ land know how do make the forks softer?
Christina ... (Fallgirl) :)


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Kirt's right, thats a good place to start. But, speaking as someone who owns 2 RockShox forks (a Reba and a Pike), neither one of those manuals is very accurate in the air pressure charts. If I follow SRAMs recommendations, the fork ends up too stiff. So be prepared to experiment a bit and concentrate on setting the initial sag to about 25% of travel.


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I beyond hate all rockshox but am currently stuck w/ a reba and I'll say it only is even barely workin for me at 50psi less than the chart says.....


Me too. Nice to know someone has the patience to try to tune them. I gave up.

Hi Pixy :)
Tonight I put in 50 psi in both negitive and positive chambers (whatever the hell they are) and to me, the stiffness still remains. I need to ride them to see if there's any difference, blah, blah, blah
Thank you to the guys who helped me with this problem,

Christina ... :)


I went through this with a friend, rock shock web site etc. it was near impossible. I think, continue to speak to people and find a rider with similar weight, bike and ride style who has successfully set their fork up(good luck!) and copy them. Of course you could just bag it and buy a Fox.


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The way I understood it is that the 3 settings, pos. neg. and rebound need to be set to the pos. So if you change the pos, the others may no longer be appropriate. All this goes against a scientific approach of changeing one thing at a time. First time I tried to adjust, I found it easier to ride it locked out than working. Apparantly the rebound was now too slow and I was packing up. :rolleyes:! I have ridden other peoples bikes that felt great, so I know it can be done, I just had no luck setting according to the manual instructions. Fox may be pricey, but worth it to me.


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It sure sounds like the fork has it's compression dampening cranked down or is locked out (which is the same as compression dampening cranked to the max)...

Are you sure the compression dampening (top of right fork leg) isn't cranked down? Or perhaps the shock is setup for a poploc and it happens to be on lockout (which it shouldn't be stuck there, but?)?

If there are two things that look like they could be adjusted on the top of the right fork leg, one is the floodgate, the other compression. The floodgate is the little one, the compression is the larger one.

If the larger thing that turns is round (no little serrations for grip), the fork is setup for poploc. Grab that and make sure that it turned fully counter-clockwise.
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