1. LukeW

    2019 Stewart 45?

    Hello everyone, I know that the 2018 Stewart 45 was cancelled due to low attendance at 2017's race, but can anyone fill me in on plans (or lack thereof) for the 2019 45. I attended but didn't race in 2017, and would be more than stoked to compete this year. Thank you and see you on the trails!
  2. audi666

    FS: IRO Rob Roy Single Speed Cyclocross Commuter - Steel SSCX

    Recently bought a new commuter bike so Im unloading the old daily bike. Its setup right now as a commuter with fenders (has eyelets for racks as well) and can easily be swapped back to a off road single speed cross bike. This bike can also be setup single speed or fixed with its horizontal...
  3. audi666

    Independent Fabrication Planet X (SOLD)

    Bummed to have to sell this even though I only rode it twice... :( I was planning on turning it into my commuter/lt. touring/gravel grinding machine I added Force cranks but other than that its the same as I got it. Im pretty open on selling the frame/fork/headset or selling as a complete too...
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