1. audi666

    FS: IRO Rob Roy Single Speed Cyclocross Commuter - Steel SSCX

    Recently bought a new commuter bike so Im unloading the old daily bike. Its setup right now as a commuter with fenders (has eyelets for racks as well) and can easily be swapped back to a off road single speed cross bike. This bike can also be setup single speed or fixed with its horizontal...
  2. Delish

    Pake C'Mute Steel CX/Gravel/Touring Bike - (like a Surly CrossCheck)

    Selling my townie bike. It's nice riding, versatile and looks good but I never have occasion to ride it. Bike is very similar to a Surly Crosscheck or Soma Double Cross. Race cross on it. Go get groceries on it. Commute on it. Do loaded touring. Pound out some epic gravel rides bro...
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