1. mattsrabbit

    Free Spooky Darkside (cracked)

    I've got a Spooky Darkside frame with a cracked headtube. Spoke to FTW and other frame builders who said that it's pretty much cooked. I feel bad tossing it, maybe someone wants wall art?? Maybe an aspiring alum welder want's to hone their skills on it? I'm in Brooklyn and if you want it it's...
  2. audi666

    Spooky Supertouch CX Machine

    My Spooky Supertouch CX frame size 54.5TT (im ~5'11) Geo: Seat Tube Length, C-T: 580mm Seat Tube Length, C-C: 535mm Top Tube Length (Horizontal): 545mm BB Drop: 58mm Chainstay Length: 425mm HT Length: 144mm Background: This was my race rig a few years ago then I clipped a pedal on the crossing...
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