1. tonyride

    Marin Rift Zone 2 29er (Like New 2021/2022), Small - SOLD

    I bought this bike for my wife hoping she will start mountain biking again but she never even rode it once. The frame is aluminum, size is Small with 29" wheels. Aside from riding around the block to tune the suspension and shifting this bike has never been ridden. The plastic over the badge is...
  2. tubatrooper

    Kona Shred 24 (size 13) $350

    Wanna introduce your 7-10 year old son or daughter to the joy of mountain biking but frustrated with all the crappy kids bikes out there? So was I, until I came across this little machine. It's the 30lb, aluminum framed, 24 inched-wheeled, 1x7, hydraulic disc-braked Kona Shred 24. Its seen...
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