nj nica

  1. the schwartz

    no longer available

    i have a (small) bike that i built up for my wife, that's sitting in my basement. nice parts, older but good, *edit* pretty sweet race wheels with XTR hubs (rim brake, not disc), the rest is a hodgepodge of stuff on a lightweight Azonic frame. would make a fine XC bike for a youngster whose...
  2. Team Town Cycle

    Autographed T-shirt to benefit NJ NICA

    Want a cool way to support NJ NICA and get an awesome t-shirt autographed by some of the best downhill and free ride cyclists around? Check out this eBay auction - https://goo.gl/RNfqSH for a NJ NICA t-shirt signed by Aaron Gwin, Jeff Lenosky, Aaron Chase, Neko Mulally, Jill Kintner, Tyler...
  3. KenS

    NJ NICA is Hiring!

    New Jersey NICA is looking for a few good folks! Do you have a passion for mountain biking? Do you want to be a part of the most exciting thing to happen to New Jersey interscholastic sports this year? Do you wish you had MTB racing when you were in school? If so, then please help us develop...
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