more kids on bikes

  1. the schwartz

    no longer available

    i have a (small) bike that i built up for my wife, that's sitting in my basement. nice parts, older but good, *edit* pretty sweet race wheels with XTR hubs (rim brake, not disc), the rest is a hodgepodge of stuff on a lightweight Azonic frame. would make a fine XC bike for a youngster whose...
  2. Team Town Cycle

    Autographed T-shirt to benefit NJ NICA

    Want a cool way to support NJ NICA and get an awesome t-shirt autographed by some of the best downhill and free ride cyclists around? Check out this eBay auction - for a NJ NICA t-shirt signed by Aaron Gwin, Jeff Lenosky, Aaron Chase, Neko Mulally, Jill Kintner, Tyler...
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