1. T

    Kona Shred 24 (size 13) $350

    Wanna introduce your 7-10 year old son or daughter to the joy of mountain biking but frustrated with all the crappy kids bikes out there? So was I, until I came across this little machine. It's the 30lb, aluminum framed, 24 inched-wheeled, 1x7, hydraulic disc-braked Kona Shred 24. Its seen...
  2. L

    TWO Specialized RipRock 24" for Sale

    I have TWO kids 24" RipRocks for sale. One is silver and orange and the other a teal green. The teal one is like new and the silver one shows some wear but is in overall great shape. Asking $500 for the teal and $450 for the silver. See Specialized page for product specs. Located in South...
  3. A

    Summer MTB Camps/Trips for Middle Schoolers?

    We sent our older daughter on an Overland road biking trip, but our 7th grade son might be interested in a mountain biking summer experience. Anyone have any experience with any well run programs with 1-3 week mountain biking camps or trips? Any help you can provide is most appreciated!
  4. JerseyPete


  5. the schwartz

    no longer available

    i have a (small) bike that i built up for my wife, that's sitting in my basement. nice parts, older but good, *edit* pretty sweet race wheels with XTR hubs (rim brake, not disc), the rest is a hodgepodge of stuff on a lightweight Azonic frame. would make a fine XC bike for a youngster whose...
  6. Delish

    Grasshopper Kidz Korse at Hilltop Bulldozed!?!?

    Although our little ones have been too young to race the Grasshopper kids MTB race at Hilltop, it is such a great event, not only because it's for kids, but because as far as I know, its the only legal mountain bike riding that has occurred in Essex Co since 1995. It's been a few weeks since...
  7. overbrook

    Kid's MTB Race, 8th Annual Grasshopper, Hilltop Reservation, Saturday, August 12

    All the kids who aren't yet old enough for NICA can race in the Hilltop Grasshopper! Here's a chance for the older NICA siblings to watch the younger ones who had to wait all day while NICA events happened. Kids from pre K to grade 8 (based on grade in Fall 2017) Registration is open and...
  8. the schwartz

    FOUND: first pedal bike for a 4.5 yr old (16" wheels? idk)

    Looking for a bike for my son and figured i could do worse than posting here to see what others' kids have outgrown. he's a pro on his balance bike with a hand brake and tube tires, and frankly he could just keep riding that but i'm excited to also let him try pedaling sometime soon. so.. my...
  9. ilnadi

    Parent-Child Rides?

    Now that my son is hooked, he'd like to ride with people closer to his size and not a grouchy old man:cool:. I figured this would also allow kids to go at their pace. for reference, he's 10, on a 20" bike and graduating to a 24" bike soon. Possible trails Nassau we can do 99% of...
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