1. Citytrikeguy

    XL 2012 BMC FS02 26” Frame for PARTS $75

    I rode this frame in Allaire and Six Mile. The rear triangle failed on me twice. I know an Air craft certified welder who repaired it twice and I just don’t trust the thin aluminum that the rear is made from. XL frame fit me at 5’ 11” with a generous reach and not much seat tube sticking out...
  2. mattsrabbit

    Free Spooky Darkside (cracked)

    I've got a Spooky Darkside frame with a cracked headtube. Spoke to FTW and other frame builders who said that it's pretty much cooked. I feel bad tossing it, maybe someone wants wall art?? Maybe an aspiring alum welder want's to hone their skills on it? I'm in Brooklyn and if you want it it's...
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