1. Citytrikeguy

    30.9 150mm Travel Dropper TranzX $80

    I think it’s a Katsuma and it’s not the air model (No schrader valve below seat clamp). 30.9 Diameter 150mm travel My Very rough measurements here: Center of clamp to top of collar fully compressed is 35mm plus 150mm travel 185mm. Collar is 25mm Minimum insertion to bottom of actuater is...
  2. trener1

    KS Dropzone Remote Dropper Seatpost

    Brand new dropper post. Came off a bike I just bought. I am looking for $175. Actuation: Cable Remote Adjustment: Infinite Cable Routing: External Clamp Style: Std Rails Color: Black Defined Color: Black Diameter: 30.9 Length: 350 mm Max Height: 240 mm Min Height: 170 mm Offset (mm): 20 mm...
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