chris king

  1. audi666

    Chris king classic to Mavic Open SUP Wheelset

    Chris King Classic Silver Hubs 32H (10sp, rim brake, 100/130mm, qr) Mavic Open Pro SUP Rims DT Swiss Spokes $350
  2. audi666

    SOLD. Chris King R45 laced to Kindhuman Carbon Rims

    Sold Blue Chris King R45 Hubs laced to Kindhuman carbon rims. 10 speed. These have been raced for a couple of seasons of Cyclocross, so there are the expected minor nicks, but the brake track has lots of life left on it. These are about the depth of 404’s, measure to 50mm. Rear tire is a...
  3. audi666

    WTB: Chris King 135 QR Rear ISO Axle

    Seeing if anyone has a 135mm QR rear axle laying around that will fit an ISO hub. Thanks!
  4. Carole

    29" King/Crest SS wheelset

    My singlespeed days are over. Selling sweet & light wheelset built by Halter's Cycles: • 32h King ISO disc black front hub, 32h King DiscGoTech black hub with fun bolts serviced about 25 miles ago • black 29" Stans Crest rims w/tubeless tape and valves • DT Super comp black spokes and alloy...
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