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  1. Nimrod

    Winter Gear

    Yea I got the Kashmirs. The reason for the question, was I'll be doing allot more Road Riding (Fast Club rides) this winter. Now I'll just put the XTR pedals on my Road bike when it gets cold. Not like its important; Its just stupid Road Biking. :)Thanks for the Secret minutes of the...
  2. Nimrod

    Winter Gear

    The Lake shoes are cut kind of narrow for my fat feet. I picked up the Answer Kashmirs, their cut a little wider, and their 1/2 the cost (about) of the Lakes. Wear the Kashmirs with a pair of heavy hiking sox's and your good all winter. Love, love, love these shoes, have had them 3 seasons...
  3. Nimrod

    Article: How to Prevent the Next Wall Street Crisis

    Silly Shaggz! Standard Red Team Mantra = Blame Bill Clinton. When this fails.. backdate everything, and blame Jimmy Carter. Unbelievably, this usually works
  4. Nimrod

    Article: How to Prevent the Next Wall Street Crisis

    Bought 2k worth of Morgan Stanley at the opening bell today. Lets see what happens
  5. Nimrod

    Jungle Habitat, Who's In?

    Out. "Saving it" for the VT 50 next week Although I am considering dressing up in my Black Bear costume (again), then hiding in the woods waiting for Mountain bikers to ride by.
  6. Nimrod

    Has shimano lost it??

    :pI did hit the lottery this morning!!!!!:o Checked my Mega-Millions ticket and won me $2 = "Let it ride" on the next drawing. I really need the SRAM "Force" Group badly
  7. Nimrod

    If you want Lake Winter Shoes...

    Whats a good Winter Road shoe? Mine are done
  8. Nimrod

    Getting to know you??? Question #4...

    Because I'm 46 years old; have been told that by more then one person "you march to the beat of a different drummer" Then my Doctor told me a couple of years ago that "your inturnal wiring is different then most people". Go figure
  9. Nimrod

    Getting to Know You??? Question #3...

    Besides guitar playing....I suck Coaching Baseball teams, really get into it, hence my lack of fitness. This year I had local High School Baseball team (10th graders) for the late spring summer program. Coached about 60 games this summer, my kids did well, came in third place in two...
  10. Nimrod

    Lance back for 09 tour

    Lance already makes 15-20 million a year selling Power Bars, Gataorade, GU, etc. A salary is for him would amount to chump change. Their probably offering Lance part ownership of the team ( I would) with the torrent of revenue he would bring in.
  11. Nimrod


  12. Nimrod

    Campmor H2H Ringwood Fall Classic Race 9/7

    2 years ago at the Vermont 50, "decent" amount of training in prior to the race; riding a very good race, about mile 35ish, at the top of the climb, pushing to get over the top of the climb and oh boy.:( Like somebody shot the back of my knee with a high powered rife. Talk about pain. I...
  13. Nimrod

    Campmor H2H Ringwood Fall Classic Race 9/7

    Killington was cut short (shortened) as well this year because of lighting
  14. Nimrod

    Campmor H2H Ringwood Fall Classic Race 9/7

    Yes = Race in the mud. Lighting is about the only thing that stops these things If in doubt check here or the H2h web site
  15. Nimrod

    Getting to know you??? Question #2...

    Hardware manufacturer of High and Ultra High Vacuum Componets. Full machine shop with CNC Lathes, CNC Vertical Mills, variuos support equipment. We use this equipment to make Fittings, Stainless Steel Valves, Traps, Manifolds, etc. My Pulsed TIG Welding skills on stainless are among the...
  16. Nimrod

    Campmor H2H Ringwood Fall Classic Race 9/7

    Thanks Ben!! laughed so hard ^when I read this….^ I Coughed up this HUGE chunk of Mucus type thing. Somebody walking by my office immediately came running in “You alright? You sound really sick!” Oh man.. If they only knew :D
  17. Nimrod

    Campmor H2H Ringwood Fall Classic Race 9/7

    Out = Snot is running out of my nose presently in an uncontrolled manner:drooling:. My Throat is now feeling so good either
  18. Nimrod

    Advice needed - A'hole on road bike

    ^This is right on^ When Captain Oblivious (SRV Driver) beeps and yells at me these days…. I sit-up, smile and wave at them. Like I give a crap what they think:p
  19. Nimrod

    suggest a commuter for me.

    Buy a Road Bike cost a couple of years old (Can be had very, very cheap) then add Gator Skin Tires and your good to go.
  20. Nimrod

    09 Superfly

    Exactly! In terms of Asian manufacturing (success stories) first it was Japan (70-80's), then their standard of living grew... so manufacturing went to Taiwan (80-90's) , their standard of living China / India are in their manufacturing boom. The difference being the huge and...
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