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  1. mwlikesbikes

    2024 National Trails Day- Perrineville Lake Park; Saturday, 6/1

    You’ll have to send them some 8x10 color glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back describing what each one is.
  2. mwlikesbikes

    Let's see your Walmart bikes!

    This isn’t one of you guys, is it? Probably appropriate that they pulled into McDonalds before starting their ride…
  3. mwlikesbikes

    Is a gravel bike slowly reverting back to a mountain bike?

    There was this I saw recently. At what point do we just call these Mary bars with a bit of flare? It would seem that gravel bikes have become early 90s mtbs with better brakes…
  4. mwlikesbikes

    Bring a Trailer - OMFG or On Topic

    At that point just buy a reproduction shell, it’s gotta be cheaper and easier to deal with.
  5. mwlikesbikes

    Bad Driving

    Like hell there’s no more parking spaces!!!
  6. mwlikesbikes

    Car-spotting thread

    I guess there’s not too many body shops in Iowa…
  7. mwlikesbikes

    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    This, just don’t shoot your eye out…
  8. mwlikesbikes

    A Wookies return.....

    Happy birthday to the coolest Wookie ever!!!
  9. mwlikesbikes

    Formula 1 - 2024

    I don’t care what team you root for, you’ve gotta be happy for Lando! He deserves this win. I know the safety car helped him a lot, but I still think he could’ve beaten Max without it.
  10. mwlikesbikes

    Six Mile Red Trail Closure, Please Read

    Wait, so we’re not doing the Middlebush rd bridge anymore???
  11. mwlikesbikes

    Formula 1 - 2024

    The rumors are that he’s going to Ferrari. Let’s see if the sprint race will liven things up on a blah track, that last sprint race was actually entertaining.
  12. mwlikesbikes

    Car-spotting thread

    This past Sunday was Customs by the sea in Asbury Park. It’s amazing how they had these wild rides right inside and outside of convention hall for any jabroni to just walk up to. Standouts for me was the Hemi Healy, the black Deuce roadster which was built by Gene Winfield in 1959, XK-120, & the...
  13. mwlikesbikes

    Car-spotting thread

    Maybe a truck from the future that I drew in elementary school in 1977… One was at Allaire a couple weeks ago… I just don’t get it, and yes they do look worse in person.
  14. mwlikesbikes

    Epic ride photos

  15. mwlikesbikes

    Car-spotting thread

    Reminds me of a Fiat 2CV Edit: Citroen, I don’t know why I wrote Fiat…
  16. mwlikesbikes

    Epic ride photos

  17. mwlikesbikes

    What are you watching now?

    Great show, I use the line “This is some bullshit” quite often because of Harry.
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