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  1. canadensis

    Endess Mountains Northeast PA

    Endless Mountains is like saying "Poconos" describes nothing really! There is some old secret stuff in Loyalsock State Forest. There's a mtbr thread about the Shambaugh maps :3 Worth exploring (if you have a cross or gravel bike, bring that. My favorite place to ride for many years) You can...
  2. canadensis

    New housing development in Mount Olive

    100 acres of development when there is so much unused9 property in the ITC to redevelop? "The premises, which are situated near the boroughs of Netcong and Stanhope, are all currently undeveloped and are partially wooded. " And Jorba Stephens thinks that the quality of trail condition is the...
  3. canadensis

    My axle came loose 50 times in one ride.

    You didn't say what bike it was or any relevant info, but if it's a more recent Trek: "Trek has found that some Bontrager Switch Lever Thru Axles can loosen and begin to back out. This issue affects all 2019 through current disc bicycles with Bontrager Switch Lever Thru axles."
  4. canadensis

    Public records info

    Matt, I've been wondering this for years having grown up here, there are old train lines running back there to. Superfund designation is what I was told by a former BASF employee years ago. Hercules Powder Co was the original contaminating culprit, I believe - big explosion there in the 40's and...
  5. canadensis

    What WEIRD things have you found on your rides?

    There are a few shitty hunter/deer dump sites by me, but this is the first bear dump I ever saw. Found 2 very recently dead bear dumped in a not terribly off trail spot in a WMA last year. I called 1800WARNDEP thinking these were hunted and dumped right after bear hunting was cancelled on state...
  6. canadensis

    Deer Park Conditions

    Thanks for the update! Just what the park service needs, a bunch of bs to deal with in a severely underfunded state forest. Really thoughtful to make the hunters hike up orange, too. We have absolutely no reason to take the dog for a walk there tomorrow but will definitely be doing that ?
  7. canadensis

    Deer Park Conditions

    State park police HQ (609) 292-4744 just told me the road is reopened, the homeowner at the end on the left that was blocking and putting signs the "PARK CLOSED" is "being addressed", they said staff is a bit tight during the holiday week but the road is definitely ok to travel for park users.
  8. canadensis

    2017-2018 XC SKI SEASON

    Minnewaska was great yesterday afternoon. Surface a little slow at times on my old rock skis, but a fantastic day. Thanks for the report!
  9. canadensis

    2017-2018 XC SKI SEASON

    Hey thanks for the report! Did you happen to notice if classic tracks were set in, and did you see any ice/bare spots at the point?
  10. canadensis

    F Strava

  11. canadensis

    10/28 Marty's Fall Classic: Buck Hill Brews and Views Metric Century

    This Sunday! It's practically winter, need a bit of inspiration to take the road or gravel bike out for a few hours? Marty's Reliable Cycle of Hackettstown presents a scenic fall classic road ride starting and ending at Buck Hill Brewery in Blairstown, NJ. A perfect way to explore new roads...
  12. canadensis

    2/13 Meet Katie Compton at Rep Night with Marty's in Randolph!

    Tuesday Feb 13th 6-9:30pm at the Skylands in Randolph Come meet the winning-est woman in cyclocross, Katie Compton, along with $3000 in raffle prizes and a chance to check out new stuff and some great deals from vendors like Yeti, Trek, Moots, Cervelo, Salsa, Zipp, SRAM, Giro, Garmin, Industry...
  13. canadensis

    Get yr Adventure on at Marty's Bikepacking Weekend July 15/16!

    Ready to add some serious adventure to your summer? Join Marty's Reliable Cycle of Hackettstown for a Bikepacking Weekend! An incredibly scenic, rugged route through some of the best countryside and natural areas the region has to offer. 140mi - 70mi each day. Rain and/or shine! Leaving from...
  14. canadensis

    2015 Trek Superfly Singlespeed 23"

    Hey got this on ebay as a buy it now for a friend. Would love to find it a good home locally - $925 or best offer. Located near Easton PA. Thanks!
  15. canadensis

    Thanksgiving Day Dirt Road Ride - Hackettstown!

    Start off your Thanksgiving with a scenic road/gravel ride from Marty's Reliable Cycle Hackettstown shop! 33 miles/2400 ft of climbing. A road or cyclocross bike with tires wider than 25c is the best tool for the job. We'll be riding on mostly paved back roads with gravel, dirt, and rail trail...
  16. canadensis

    Cycle Works will be Closing its Doors

    Really sorry to hear that, good luck in the future and I hope it returns the karma to you. John helped out one of the riders in my road group this fall, a girl had two flats on her Trek (and no money!) and he took care of her on the honor system (she needed a quick tune up too) while we all...
  17. canadensis

    XC ski Stephens/saxton tomorrow 1/24

    Actually changed it to Teetertown/columbia trail, heading there in a few minutes. will be going to Stephens a few more times this week, if anyone wants to set a time that'd be great
  18. canadensis

    XC ski Stephens/saxton tomorrow 1/24

    Anyone up for a few hour ski tomorrow? I'm flexible on times Went from the Stephens main lot to Tilcon today, it is fully tracked out. good fun.
  19. canadensis

    tilcon mudhole

    Heard a few stories on the mess over there-kayak trail access, wetlands, trail rerouting, anyone have the real story? it sure is cramping my style.
  20. canadensis

    New member going through rough time

    hey Donny, man I am so sorry. Stay strong, keep doing what you love and keep the memories of those you've loved alive. I'm sure you've heard it before but time really does heal. I've lost a few close people in my life, not as sudden as what you've had to live through, but it never happens easy...
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