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  1. axcxnj

    help from Porsche enthusiasts

    Ive been a porsche nut since high school. Havent been in a position to afford anything too nice but i have a regular habit of window shopping. Ive had 2 non running 914's, a 924S and currently have a decent 914 2.0
  2. axcxnj

    help from Porsche enthusiasts

    the 996 is still too new. I dont think they have hit bottom yet. the 944 is JUST starting to increase in value. Boxsters are still going down as well. and only SOME 914s are going up. i dont think my car is riding the coat tails very well...but i havent tried selling it so who knows
  3. axcxnj

    help from Porsche enthusiasts

    if you can swing a 996TT, you can avoid any fear of whether or not the car will have an IMS bearing issue. The TT did not use the same bearing as the NA. Ive always liked the 996, never understood the hate for them. but one of the main things to focus on while shopping is whether or not the...
  4. axcxnj

    FREE Hitch mount bike rack

    @soundz it only fits 2 sorry! otherwise i would play favorites and it would be yours because i owe you one
  5. axcxnj

    FREE Hitch mount bike rack

  6. axcxnj

    What's happening This Weekend 8/19-8/20-ish?...

    none of the trails will be closed, but they will be marked with tape and arrows, and occupied by trail runners from 8AM to about noon.
  7. axcxnj

    I fashion my crown from Quetzlcoatl’s quills

    I had stem cell treatment for my ankle. It sounds like this surgery is a little less invasive than mine was. But FWIW my healing went really well and I was hitting all of the targets for PT early. Im not sure if i have the stem cell treatment to thank, or if it was from being generally fit to...
  8. axcxnj

    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    just a PSA/FYI here, On August 19th there will be a SwimRun race at Dickerson Mine. Some of The trails will be marked and taped. The event should be done by noon The trails wont be closed, but if you have to ride there in the morning that day, please be aware that there will be people...
  9. axcxnj

    2016 Fox 32 29er Fork

    the struggle is real. I cant count the number of perfect steals ive seen for forks, with a 6 inch steer tube....
  10. axcxnj


    Aly likes purple bikes
  11. axcxnj


    how much would it cost to make it a 56 cm?
  12. axcxnj

    Accident at Mills Reservation

    ill delete this if people think its inappropriate...but I learned to ride a MTB here and im having a hard time not thinking about this From the helicopter shots, it looks like he fell from the spot on the right, theres a short bit of trail that goes close to the edge of the cliff and downhill...
  13. axcxnj

    29er Wheelset (QR) - FREE!! (TAKEN)

    ill take em, when/where can i pick them up?
  14. axcxnj

    opinions re: Bicycle Bungee....????? is this stupid? brilliant? insane?

    this is the first time ive seen a product like this, as intended for biking, but its far from a new idea. We have been using tow systems in adventure racing for years. and yeah, as @gtluke said, and I toured miami -> key west using a bungee tow line. It works great on roads, but not on...
  15. axcxnj

    Searching for Shangri-La: Dirt & Trout Within 2 hours drive

    Have you considered the area around the Berkshires at all? the drive there from North Jersey Is closer to 2:30, but It has plenty of mountain biking, though im not sure what the fishing is like. A bonus though is that there is also access to backcountry skiing in the winter
  16. axcxnj

    Searching for Shangri-La: Dirt & Trout Within 2 hours drive

    Catskills has more than you think for mountain biking. As mentioned, Lippman is good for single track. Strava also shows more trails west of kingston (near the ashokan reservoir) and if you continue north towards round top there is more, as well as near windham. I met a guy ice climbing this...
  17. axcxnj

    Ships Log: Fat Aircraft carrier war games

    super glad you are ok. I saw Joy's note to allison asking her to call, i figured something bad happened. sucks about the fracture though. It seems you were coming into this season strong. any word from the Dr for how long you will be off the bike for? you and I can start a support group.
  18. axcxnj


    cant see the video, is that Anton Krupicka? Im assuming you are talking about the flatirons. There are a few adventure racers who prescribe to specific diets. Ive never said that the keto diet doesnt work, I just think its too impractical for my lifestyle. I really like pasta. I dont eat...
  19. axcxnj

    Louis Garneau Winter Shoes Size 46 $50

    next in line.
  20. axcxnj

    Free - Womens Nathan Hydration Vest

    Free to anyone who wants it. A guy could use it too if he liked pink. its got dual chest strap buckles and small chest stretch pockets, so it can be used for running as well as cycling. No bladder got nasty and moldy. Pickup in Montville area.
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