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    Trails,Trees and stuff

    orange white trail heading to steel man half hour
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    Trails,Trees and stuff

    glass trail 2 spots about an hour
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    Tiger re-route

    i dont think theres any fuss you just get use to your home court.i think anyone dedicated to allaire should be commended for their work even if some changes arnt my cup of tea.
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    Tiger re-route

    i will miss old route it always was a nice little challenge but new is cool
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    Need help! Locate a spot at Allaire

    whered it go:rolleyes:
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    Trail Issues

    rouge element i know this does cause problems but are rouge element is most likley younger kids trying to emulate their heroes from all the videos and mags weve all done the same so dont be so quick to condem its still the states fault that theres no attempt to accomodate the sport much like...
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    Allaire Condidtions Today?

    thats cause you cant get caught as easy 15 minutes away but 10 in the mornin sounds alittle early do you have anite job
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    Allaire Video

    rode river today need another rainbow :rofl:
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    Flat Tyres Freedom Fest (Sept 08)

    freedom fest :make it october i will need more time training if i enter drinking contest against flat tyres
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