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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Since Blue Rock got paved/reworked with similar dirt, it's a mess as well as of yesterday.
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    27.5+ Wheelset $300obo

    Complete 27.5+ wheelset. Hubs: DTSwiss 350 (54T ratchet, XD driver). "Boost" front and rear. Rims: SunRingle Duroc 40. Taped for tubeless w/ valves. Rotors: Shimano Centerlock IceTech. 180 Front/160 Rear. Rear wheel has a Bontrager Chupacabra 2.80 tire on it with some life left. Asking...
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    On the Highlands trail? Wow, you'd think a hiker might take care of that! lol
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    24" Decent Kids Bikes

    Bump. Anyone?
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    24" Decent Kids Bikes

    Both of my kids have out grown their 24" bikes. $50 Trek MT220 Good, functional condition but definitely had a few riders who like to leave a good skid. $80 Specializes HotRock Very good shape. Even has good tires. Located in Northern, NJ.
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    Weehoo blast trailer - FREE!

    Still available?
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    Cranks Around the Campfire Mountain Biking Festival

    Great ride, thanks for joining in on my shenanigans!
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    Own a Piece of Mooch (sort of)

    Historically, some of these camps have been "sold" and then immediately "donated" back. I wonder if that is what they are looking to accomplish here.
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    I think that was an "unofficial" access. From what I have seen the OFFICIAL trail starts pretty much right where CandyAss starts, but you go left and it's flowy instead of going right onto CandyAss and it not being flowy.
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    Just rode Allamuchy this morning. Went in from Cranberry Lake park n ride. The rail trail and very beginning of Waving Willy were wet, but otherwise everything else is perfect. I'd write a better review of the route...but "went up Unblazed, made a right on unblazed, at the end went left on...
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    Diamondback El Oso Fat Bike w/ Mods

    I'm looking to sell my Medium (18") Diamondback El Oso. Asking $800, negotiable. The bike has ~415 miles on it and is in pretty good shape overall. Mods: Bluto fork with 120mm travel air spring, Slikoleum treatment and fresh lower service. 120mm dropper post 1x drivetrain conversion...
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    Gravel tire suggestions for Pine Barrens sand roads?

    From what I've experienced on motorcycles...fat bike. lol
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    Big stuff, 12"+. Right in a switchback and blocks the trail twice, as well as some others. A useful chainsaw operation would park at Tranquility and clear trees up White and Ditch/Cardiac, and then continue clearing through Friggen Middle.
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    Friggen Middle is friggen blocked by friggen downed trees.
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    Fox Grip

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    Maxxis Dissector 29 x 2.4 WT - 3C MaxTerra EXO

    Where are you located?
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    Commencal Meta HT 20

    SOLD! Heading to CA for its next life.
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    Specialized HotRock 20...bright PINK

    My daughter outgrew this bike last year, but I haven't been able to find a home for it just yet. The bike is in excellent mechanical condition with just a few little nicks in the paint here and there. $100.
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    Commencal Meta HT 20

    My son has outgrown his Commencal Meta HT 20. The bike is in great mechanical shape, and has the usual scratches and scrapes you'd expect from a kids 20" mountain bike. This is the bike that really brought him to the next level riding actual trails. Stock features: DIsc brakes, a fork that...
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