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    Dogs on 6 mile?

    Whats wrong with a dog off leash? First it's against the law, NJ state parks are good about posting signs to that effect. And if anything does happen, you are at fault. I've had multiple problems with other peoples dogs off leash, while mine was on. I have NO issue, and I have, kicking an...
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    First time at Wharton

    I didn't notice the 5 hour warning at the trailhead, which is why I thought it strange in the middle. I understand the need for the warnings though, common sense anit so common. And it did take me a little longer than I thought it would, but I was going slooow, and just enjoying the ride, and...
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    First time at Wharton

    Like 'are my bars going to fit?' tighter(one spot they didn't). And twisty. And once or twice I would have liked to shift into a lower gear if I had one(due to my conditioning). And twisty. And I really liked the sign at the mid point that suggests planning on 5 hours for the trail.:confused:
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    First time at Wharton

    I rode at Wharton for the first time last saturday, this was the perfect place to ride on such a windy day. I hardly felt the wind at all. I rode the orange trial, it's as mentally challenging as physical. Even after the rain the day before the trail was dry. The funny thing is that I only...
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