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  1. dualfisted

    Good trail steward

    Just wanted to give props. While on my trail run this morning at around 0830, a guy in an kit yielded the trail to me as he was coming down the step section on orange. He didn't just give me a little room and whiz by (which is the norm)... He actually yielded the trail. Big ups for...
  2. dualfisted

    Cycling vs Running

    IT Band pain I had some pretty awful IT Band pain with running and the one thing I found that really really really helped me was strength training, specifically, the one exercise that helped the most was side leg lifts with resistance bands. I read some study and the end result was this was...
  3. dualfisted

    Any trail runners here?

    Yeppers I've been doing a lot of running at Allaire lately. I've done two Tough Mudders in the past year and just did the Spartan Sprint race at Blue Mountain. So, trail running has been a fun way to get the cardio in. Also did the Long Branch Half in May. I'll be doing the Super Spartan at...
  4. dualfisted

    Big horse poop pile.... Again????

    Really, another big pile of horse poop in the lot again??? Lame!!!!
  5. dualfisted

    Orange numbers

    Old Man Pritchard.... I'd have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids and that pesky wookie!
  6. dualfisted

    True Confessions: I bent the rear rim on my brand new Moto Fly Team Ti 29er!!!

    Destined to happen I have the Fly Team 29er. I love this bike, handlebars are pretty narrow, but a great overall ride for the price tag. Mine came with the uber-uber light hand-built Vuelta race wheels. I knew from minute one those were not the wheels for my then 235lb frame. It took a...
  7. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Not hatin, really I don't really get overly emotional about sports in general. As far as Contador goes, I just always got a db vibe from him. I think there were some things in past Tours I didn't really dig from him, but "chaingate", haha, kind of just made me say "meh" to him. I expected more...
  8. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Today was AWESOME!!!! Everyone performed, I even gained a smudge of respect for Contador with the relentless attacks... I don't care if Andy or Cadel wins, although I kind of want Andy just because I feel like the yellow jersey was "yoinked" from him in chaingate last year. Great Tour this...
  9. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Whoa. Again! Contador needs a blood transfusion!
  10. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Whoa! Andy is proving his metal right now!!! Cadel is badass too!!! Contador as a GC contender sitting on wheels on this entire climb=bs. Go Andy, Go Frank, Go Voeckler, Go Cadel!!!! Badass stage!!!!!
  11. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Agreed!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Love watching these guys turn themselves inside out going up these climbs.
  12. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    I think Greipel (sp?) took that stage because of the corner right before the finish line, it seemed like he just muscled the bike for the win. I also think that's why it went *****SPOILER ALERT***** the opposite way today. Also, I loved today's stage, while I really watch this race for the...
  13. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Cheese n Crackers!!!!!!!!!!!!! This race is dangerous enough without the cars and motorcycles getting in on things!!!!! As for the race... I did NOT foresee this happening in the standings.
  14. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Also... I can't be held responsible for my actions if I have to see one more douchey Izod commercial, whether it be Will Power and his Indy racing in Canada, or a bunch of models pretending they surf, sail or any number of things, all while looking snobbish and wearing brand new Izod gear...
  15. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    Today Would've loved to have seen TJ or Vino take it today, both were SO aggressive in the hills!!!!
  16. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    I dunno A minute and a half might not amount to much in the mountains, but Contador didn't have even a minute to spare in Paris at the end of last years Tour. Even after his cowardly attack on Schlecks yellow jersey when he had dropped his chain (yeah, I still haven't gotten over the way...
  17. dualfisted

    Le Tour!

    This Tour is Crazy! No one seems to be able to keep their bike upright... I hear complaints about tight roads, "road furniture" and tight corners, but all these crashes seem to keep happening on wider sections and straight roads.... Granted, the rain really came down hard yesterday. Radioshack...
  18. dualfisted

    Lumpy Bumpy Video

    Unreal Shame I'll never have the skills or cajones to try just about all of that.
  19. dualfisted

    4th Annual JORBA Bike Festival

    Yay JORBAfest Had a great time, again, this year. I was on the ride with the cat with the broken wrist and while I was ahead and didn't know it happened, we heard he took quite a spill... Can't believe it's not on your boys gopro, heal up quick, Dudeman. One of these years I'm gonna win me a...
  20. dualfisted

    rides this wkend? ride ride ride..

    Helooooo!!!!! Haven't you heard, that JORBAfestis the word???? Woot!
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