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    BMX Bike

    How big is your 8 year old? I have an Intense pro 24 cruiser 2009 with just 10 rides on it. My nephew, who is 8, rode it once, but he's a couch potato. I don't know how to add pic, I think I will post it on craigslist for you or someone else.
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    Allaire TM March 20th thanks

    TM wonderful Rode Allaire for 2 hours just after the TM. Awesome & beautiful work done in oh so many places. Kudos to all of you.
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    Congrads on the welder The learning never stops,...keep a log/picture book of projects and procedures.
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    Vertical Earth DH race was Awesome

    Come out to Blue Mtn. It's worth the drive and there are more beginner DH trail friendly. Way longer runs than Diablo. Nice to say there were numerous people wearing XC gear and on freeride bikes havN a great time also. Hope to see you on the trails! Thanks everyone! It was really a big...
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    Vertical Earth DH race was Awesome

    Need to get away this weekend, so I decided to head to Blue Mtn Pa. They were to have the Dual Slalom and DH race, but cancelled the DS since they hadn't finish creating the course. No Biggee,.. Practiced the DH with Ellie who was in the beginner class, but sooo fast. We both kept stopping at...
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    TrekWomen bike demo and clinic

    Your Welcome A lot of new faces out there! Great to get together and try new bikes and new skills. Keep practicing the basics and by summers end you'll be flying! As we discussed, lots of group rides can be found here on,...see you on the trails!
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    TrekWomen bike demo and clinic

    see ya there Well, tomorrows the day to try some Trek bikes and ride a pretty cool park. We will be doing the clinic in the field and for those of you who would like to do some trail skills,...we will do a few short loops.
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    TrekWomen bike demo and clinic

    10-4 We do a meet and greet for a bit,..then get into basic skills,...techniques,..etc. It's mostly on the field and then followed by a trial ride. We usually wrap up around 3ish for burgers by Brendian!
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    Any Adventure Racers Here?

    Full Circle Funny to read this here. I actually did military obstacle courses and triathons before I did AR. I needed to get better at mountain biking, I practiced by going to the H2H races, all I do is race bikes,... stopped doing the AR thing. NYARA is a great group though. Go play,..
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    TrekWomen bike demo and clinic

    A special event just for Women! Join us for a day of mountain and road cycling in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere at the Tourne Park in Boonton. The event, sponsored by Trek Bicycle, and presented by the women of Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, will include riding skills clinics for both...
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    Anyone ever mountain bike in Hawaii?

    recommend getting the Entertainment coupon book of Hawaii. I ate everywhere with it and it saved me big time. 2) rollerblading there is great 3) bring your own snorkling gear, you can swim to the reefs from the beach. I also went Night diving,...from the beach and it was awesome. If you...
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    Going Long and Hard.

    you're crazy But you are a warrior. I do hope the arm,...and body heal quickly. Please add a Multi-Trace Mineral to your supplement regime. The one your need to look for is strontium. It's needed to creat more bone. Most people have enough of it, but I suspect you need more under the current...
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    Beginner Mtb clinic Sat. 4/17th

    Mountain Bike 101 Cycle Craft, Inc DATE: Saturday April 17th TIME: 1:00PM LOCATION: Tourne Park, Boonton MORE:Shake off the cobwebs and get your bikes out! Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft will be holding a mountain bike skills clinic this coming Saturday at The Tourne Park in Boonton, The clinic...
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    Girls SS Stewart Pre-ride

    new adventures Really nice to meet and ride with everyone too! I didn't ride much last year due to lymes, so it was wonderful to do the All Girl Day Ride thing again. (including stag support from Sean, he's great a fixing flats! ) Hope everyone continues on their biking journeys this year. See...
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    First tt at Sandy Hook

    Nice Good Job,..good to make a memory, ay
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    Conditions 4/5

    chimney rock Rode today. Nice meeting you Lazren,..nice 29er. I agree with the trail-0-meter. Mostly dry, but still some wet spots. Hartshorne and Allaire are more dry than Chimney though. If you see a mud spot,..go through it. It's getting a bit wide in mud spots. Since we have to tamp them...
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    What is this place like?

    JORBA chapter I do believe Bald pate,...and surrounding areas have a JORBA chapter,..go to the JORBA site and confirm, might be easier to work with. Hope to ride there this year.
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    Maybe a New South Jersey Bike Club

    hummm Call Jim and say "What?" Are you asking to join a mtb club in south jersey for rides? What trails they riding?
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    Easter Peekamoose ride

    hills! Good for ya! Hills are my nemesis.
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    I'm stuck in a treatment plant all night, keep me company

    Hi there I just got back from dropping a bike off at Cyclecraft,..picked up my DH bike, brake helps. Rode Chimney Rock cause it was there and traffic sucked. A bit mud still, haven't been there in 2 years so I had to "remember" my way. So, TR,...lots of fun ain't it? So, you know...
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