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  1. RootDKJ

    Gravel Route Recommendations? Gravel Tires?

    Probably more Northwest than central but the Columbia Trail is 15 miles of gravel with some nice pavement sections that parallel the trail. I ride that with 32c’s on a road bike.
  2. RootDKJ

    Wanting to go clipless

    Bring your Superfeet's with you. They can put them down on the alignment tool and see how effective they actually are (or are not).
  3. RootDKJ

    Wanting to go clipless

    Even better...get fitted for a pair of Aline's. I used to use the Superfeet Greens until someone recommended Aline's to me. Now I have two pairs, one for everyday, one for sports.
  4. RootDKJ

    Need advice on HD vid editting.

    Your pc might be having a hard time with the hd video. I'm running an AMD quad core & 4gb of ram and my pc hits about 80% utilization when rendering.
  5. RootDKJ

    Need advice on HD vid editting.

    I've had the most success using Sony Vegas for editing GoPro video. Forget WMM, while simple to use, like you said, there's a quality issue. I do my editing at 720p 60fps and render 720p @ 30fps, h264/mp4. I tried Adobe Premier and Cyberlink Power Director with no luck. Fortunately, there's...
  6. RootDKJ

    Diablo opening day vid.

    You don't need to convert your video at all. Just a change in your editing software. I use r3 on the GoPro (720P @ 60fps). Sony Vegas will accept GoPro videos right off the camera. You can edit at 60fps and then render at 30fps. 60fps slowed down (and spaced out) to 30fps looks awesome...
  7. RootDKJ

    Summit nj 07901

    I mostly ride at Lewis Morris with an occasional poach in Watchung Reservation. There's also some poorly maintained foot trails in some of the wooded areas that border up against Rt 78. I have a goal to get out to CR this season.
  8. RootDKJ

    NoTights Stephens video, multi camera!

    You're the 2nd person who's told me they use Powerdirector for editing. I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks.
  9. RootDKJ

    NoTights Stephens video, multi camera!

    Nicely done. What are you using for a camera and editing software?
  10. RootDKJ

    Lewis Morris Trail Conditions

    Where's that near (or off of)?
  11. RootDKJ

    Vertical Earth Gravity Park, Blue Mountain, PA

    I'm a Blue Mountain regular, and I was talking to some folks who are involved in the DH Biking. The are planning to do some trail expansion to add some more beginner and intermediate stuff this season. The new management at Blue is really working hard to turn the place into a 4 season...
  12. RootDKJ

    Lewis Morris-Sat

    I'm guessing after the rain on Monday/Tuesday that LM is shot again.
  13. RootDKJ

    Lewis Morris trail conditions & ride 3/19 pm ?

    Bummer. I was thinking about a Cali day tomorrow (ski in the morning, ride in the afternoon).
  14. RootDKJ

    Office/Workplace phrases and sayings that piss you off

    This one just started recently... "We/you/they need to "deep dive" into..."
  15. RootDKJ

    Lewis Morris trail conditions & ride 3/19 pm ?

    I was just thinking about getting my bike ready for an after-work ride at LM. Updated trail conditions would be great!
  16. RootDKJ

    New Snowboard: Wax? or no?

    Wax it. With these warmer temps, the snow will be very grabby with just an all temperature factory wax. Use a nice soft wax like Toko S3 Yellow or Red/Universal.
  17. RootDKJ

    Yellow Loop

    I won't be able to make it until 8/6
  18. RootDKJ

    Yellow Loop

    Couldn't make it today, stuck in East Windsor all day. Next two Thursdays aren't looking any better.
  19. RootDKJ

    Yellow Loop

    Which lot? The upper one, or the lower one?
  20. RootDKJ

    Yellow Loop

    Where exactly does that group meet up. I was there last Thursday and didn't see anyone (I'll freely admit, that I didn't get there until after 6:20). Which parking lot?
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