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  1. Jim & Val

    cost of college

    Just wait till you find out from your kid that the majority of classes you're paying top dollar for are being run by undergrads who have a very poor command of the English language Jim
  2. Jim & Val

    the NOT SO official 27.5+ thread.

    Uh oh more wheel sizes=more dicks haha Jim
  3. Jim & Val

    the NOT SO official 27.5+ thread.

    I think it's a pretty great time to be involved with many great options you can really choose what suits you best with few compromises. That being said and with the growing popularity of 27.5+, it makes me wonder why are there so few dedicated 27.5+ only bikes-in full suspension anyway...
  4. Jim & Val

    the NOT SO official 27.5+ thread.

    Seems like no one factors tire flex into things when looking at bb height. One of the reasons I went with the Remedy over the EX+ was I didn't want a super low bb and for me running the lower pressures to take advantage of the plus tire just didn't feel right in some situations. Jim
  5. Jim & Val

    Well we know that Thanksgiving is coming up you know what that means

    1x12 Eagle-Dude, do you even enduro?
  6. Jim & Val

    Well we know that Thanksgiving is coming up you know what that means

    Should call it Bloat Friday haha Jim
  7. Jim & Val

    Car-spotting thread

    Do you know of a particular route or nice curvy roads that would make for a good day out for some fun driving? We have a few nice quiet roads out in the pine barrens but would be up for something different. Have a 2013 Camaro SS/1LE Jim
  8. Jim & Val


    Is this still available? Jim
  9. Jim & Val

    Allaire Group Ride - The Schilling Ride: 9/16, 9am

    Val and I are planning on going but I have to work in the morning and won't be able to get there before 10:00. Hopefully we'll be able to catch one of the groups : )
  10. Jim & Val

    Found: Front wheel

  11. Jim & Val

    Wharton Conditions

    Awesome! Thanks for the info
  12. Jim & Val

    Wharton Conditions

    Are any of these roads doable in a small suv? Don't have a fat bike yet but i'm interested in doing some exploring in my S10 Blazer. Nothing too crazy, just looking to get out and explore the pines : ) Jim
  13. Jim & Val

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Rode Hartshorne Saturday conditions were surprisingly good... no standing water anywhere. There are some areas that need to be trimmed but overall not too bad. I'm probably in the minority but I enjoy the raw nature of the trails here. Jim
  14. Jim & Val

    Better late then never the Allaire beginner rides return.

    Mike any idea if we are on for Tonite? Jim
  15. Jim & Val

    Allaire Conditions

    oops i meant switchbacks, not imba. Unrelated but blueberries are starting to appear...mmm Jim
  16. Jim & Val

    Allaire Conditions

    Was lying on the trail about 2/3rds of the way up IMBA Jim
  17. Jim & Val

    WTB: 29" Straight Steerer Fork; Dropper Post

    What's your budget? I got a Reba R 29 straight steerer 9mm qr from pro bike supply for less than $500 brand new. Was going through the same process as you waiting for something to come up for sale, just got tired of waiting. Jim
  18. Jim & Val

    First time at Chimney Rock

    Nice job dude! That's the kind of terrain that bike is made for! Glad you had fun would love to ride there with you next time Jim
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