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  1. MTBTyler

    Rutgers Ecological Preserve Conditions

    I used to… go and find this. good luck!
  2. MTBTyler

    What Bird Did You See Today?

    While on the water yesterday I saw 4 bald eagles at the same time flying above the hills at Roundvalley
  3. MTBTyler

    The Poison Ivy Thread

    Good work J and friends! Look to hit the trails when they dry out again. As far as the poison ivy debate... there is one cure if you do find the red skin and bumps on yourself. I’ll probably get a lot of negativity for this but I will guarantee it works. Mineral spirits or gasoline. Let it...
  4. MTBTyler

    Fishing Thread

    Those sandwiches were awesome.
  5. MTBTyler

    Fishing Thread

    Best bait for bass is gary yamamoto senko dark green with red flakes IMO. Works in murky and clear. Works after the spawn the best. Live worms pre spawn. I’ve also had really good luck with BLUE rapala jointed minnow on the top of the water for late summer into fall.
  6. MTBTyler

    Fishing Thread

    20” prego. Caught in probably the most polluted pond in NJ
  7. MTBTyler

    Collectable Marin Bike

    EVERYTHING is collectible to the right person.
  8. MTBTyler

    SantaCruz Chameleon 27.5+ XL

    Wish I went with an xl. I have the same bike L and the seat post is very high and I feel as if I need a set back post even with the longer stem. You taking offers?
  9. MTBTyler

    Going Long and Hard.

    Roundvalley is looking nearly empty. Ride the shore line all the way around.. I dare ya
  10. MTBTyler

    Very boring thread

    Taller bars? Maybe raised stem?
  11. MTBTyler

    Going Long and Hard.

    You right never been to rt1 flea market. Been to rt18 flea doe
  12. MTBTyler

    Going Long and Hard.

    Sickk throwing stars ninja
  13. MTBTyler

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Current condition
  14. MTBTyler

    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

    October 18th 2008 6 mile run canal parking lot. First group ride ever
  15. MTBTyler

    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

    Mattybfat you were definitely there. Think we rode over a frozen lake that day
  16. MTBTyler

    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

    allamuchy February 7th 2010 no idea whos I in the pic. I’m the yellow in the middle I know jimv, neilism, maybe woody?
  17. MTBTyler

    Careful where you park

    Went here on Saturday last weekend. Parked in the gravel lot off road3 There were 2 cars in the parking lot, went in for a loop come out and the 2 cars drivers windows were smashed in oddly my vehicle was untouched. Also beware of parking at Johnson’s park at the end towards highland park...
  18. MTBTyler

    SOLD 27.5 Blanchard Boost wheelset SOLD

    Sram rear hub?
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