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    Sleep?!?! How do you do it?

    As much as I loved my white noise generator my wife hated it. We have a smart tv in the bedroom and she found some youtube channels that go on for 6+ hrs with the typical snowstorm, campfire, rain, beach type noises. I don't know how it works but the screen will go dark as well. Good shit!
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    esker japhy on 2.6s
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    Finally pieced the new SS together. The best riding hardtail I've had so far
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    interesting line near Tiger Woods

    I know the drop. Your looking for other trails not shown on your map?
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    High end parts bin cleanout

    message sent
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    What water bottle cage do you use?

    Ordered a N+1 side entry bottle only to find out it will not fit. Mounting bolts are too close together 🤏 EDIT: stupid adjustable mounting tab was missing from the box. Bought from amazon
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    Bike Storage for Condo/Apartment

    I grabbed some parts from HD to make something like this. Bikes rotate and slide.
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    I've been fortunate to encounter just one or two ticks over the past 15yrs of riding. On the other hand I started hiking regularly last winter and it's been horrible. I guess going fast helps!
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    Post a picture of your next bike part or mtb gear on order!

    upgrading my '17 pike
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    What have you done to your car today?

    small victory on the wifes minivan. After spending $400 having the power sliding door fixed I was looking forward to the other side to fail. Powered by youtube I had it fixed in 45 minutes. I didn't get a pic of the door falling off the jack but that did happen. Fun stuff!
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    What have you done to your bike today?

    First ride on the new build, pieced together with 2nd hand/on-sale parts. Doubt I'll ever bikepack tho.
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    Who likes to smoke their meat?

    if you like charcoal/wood the gravity fed digital smokers are nice. Char-Griller and Masterbuilt are just a few hundo. Overnight smokes are pretty much set & forget.
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    So what did you break this time??

    Appreciate the advice, and the referral. Alignment for $100 seems reasonable. I do have a call into Esker. Hopefully they give me the green light to repair the frame.
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    So what did you break this time??

    rough day on the hayduke. Somehow I managed to break a thru axle and bend my frame. It's tweaked pretty good. Pushed the entire chain stay out a good inch. I guess the bend is closer to the BB. Not sure its fixable So pissed:mad:
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    Boating, Sailing, & Floating Devices

    Great point. I'm not interested in mixing oil and all the hassle of a 2 stroke. But how much HP is enough for a pontoon boat? A tritoon? Coming from a deep V background where 330HP is my minimum I don't want to be underpowered to the point where I can't get my family out and home without too...
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    Boating, Sailing, & Floating Devices

    I've had many boats in the past but lately I've been pontoon shopping. The space & simplicity is tough to beat. Prices are all over the place but the $$$ toons are absolutely gorgeous. Ultimately I'm hoping to find a 22-26ft tritoon in need of some sweat equity. Anyone have experience or tips ?
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    Two Nukeproof ARD 29" tire inserts $40 obo

    I have them. Still not getting notifications here. I think you have my number still?
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    Surly sunrise bars 740mm $40

    cut down to 740mm. Located in Brick. Can meet at allaire or maybe clayton.
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    Allaire Conditions

    Ripper of a storm, lots of trees down in the vicinity. I hope Allaire isn't too disfigured.
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    Tell me where you rode today...

    I probably hike this trail more than I ride it. Great spot
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