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  1. Dominos

    Official: Doppelgänger Thread

    Are you sure it wasn't Iggy's twin bro?
  2. Dominos

    Ships Log: Fat Aircraft carrier war games

    Al is lucky that Addison's begins with A. I encountered an alphabetical list of "reasons for sudden weight loss"... The rest is history.
  3. Dominos

    Dear Iggy - An Advice Column

    Dear @pooriggy, Why do we call you Iggy? Can you explain your nickname to us? Signed, Totally puzzled in Totowa
  4. Dominos

    Ride Titles; Explained

    Remember when @Norm and I went on a streak naming Strava rides with Haikus? It would take me an entire 2 hour ride to come up with the perfect one, only to forget it when editing the ride.
  5. Dominos

    Ok Enough Already

    Totally! I was even considering harvesting some Chicken of the Woods recently. Although I felt like that was maybe a living a little dangerously.
  6. Dominos

    Looking for a place to train CX near Denville

    Once you're feeling like you want to practice with other folks, there is a Weds Worlds practice in Clifton at Holster Park. Not in Denville, per se, but not terribly far. Plus, there's no better way to get some good intensity going than race against other folks.
  7. Dominos

    How is mountain biking in Qingdao?

    Looks like the air quality is top notch! Have you tried looking at Strava heatmaps? It looks like there is a MTB trail starting around Shuyuan Reservoir. God, the internet is an amazing thing.
  8. Dominos

    Mountain, Cross and Shuffleboard Nats

    I vote that @sarcaro needs this bike.
  9. Dominos

    Ladies Only Ride

    This sounds fun! I'm putting it in my calendar, which means there is a > 0% chance I'll make it!
  10. Dominos

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Thanks! I think Minnesota and New Jersey should have the same motto : "Not as bad as you think" There were a few years that it was a very real possibility @Delish and I would move to Minnesota, settle down. I think we would have liked it there - not even taking into consideration that my DNA...
  11. Dominos

    Why is H2H hurting when MASS is doing well?

    This has been driving me nuts for weeks.
  12. Dominos

    Bike trailers for a baby

    Do you think that everything we own is for sale? We may need it for Thing 3 - holding on to it for now.
  13. Dominos

    Bike trailers for a baby

    I am certain that EO has rocked Socks and Sandals look in the past. However, he claims that he has never, ever, owned a pair of cargo shorts.
  14. Dominos

    Bike trailers for a baby

    We like ours but I'm not sure we have a bike it can fit on anymore. @Delish might have more input.
  15. Dominos

    SOLD: Giro Cartelle MIPS Helmet

    I maybe missed this thread but I'm also the goldilocks of helmets. Curious what finally worked out for you. Maybe some day we will ride together and I'll see for myself. FWIW I have an oval head, and have had much happiness wearing Specialized helmets. I tried wearing a POC helmet for a year...
  16. Dominos


    WHAT?! WHERE?!
  17. Dominos

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Did you guys see Space X launch?
  18. Dominos


    Where can one find chewy udon noodles? I havent found any good dried udon that cook up chewy! We ate Korean Japchae noodles a few days ago, man I love those things!
  19. Dominos

    Seeking suggestions for a heating tech with solid steam skills

    The best company for steam heat is Custom Air in Little Falls. The owner (Fred Romano) literally wrote THE BOOK on steam heat. (973) 237-0789
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