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  1. Fourth_Letter

    Returning roadie diversifies...

    Welcome! :)
  2. Fourth_Letter

    Platform Pedal Rider

    I just picked up a set of platforms today at Halters. Clipless is great and all, but I think I made the jump a tad too early and my confidence level just isn't where I want it to be just yet. I find that when I was clipped in, I really wasn't focused on riding, more like "when should I unclip...
  3. Fourth_Letter

    29'er Tire Tread for NJ Riding

    I have a Maxxis Crossmark on the rear and an Ignitor on the front. Works pretty well for what I ride. (6mi, Allaire)
  4. Fourth_Letter

    Just gettin back in the saddle

    Welcome!!! Will your new build have 29" tires perhaps?? :D
  5. Fourth_Letter

    The truth about Lance

    I needed that! Thanks! :D
  6. Fourth_Letter

    Beer Suggestions

    My after work tasting. Waaaaaay too "citrusy and bitter" for my liking. I'm sad cuz I wanted to like this beer. My favorite so far in my "super beer adventure". I had this with dinner and it was dark, but very smooth and left the slightest bit of "bread" taste on the tongue. Yum...
  7. Fourth_Letter

    Beer Suggestions

    When I was in Georgia I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time. TASTY! We should have some mtbNJ get-to-gethers there sometime when it opens!
  8. Fourth_Letter

    Making it awesome!

    totally noticed it was a chick. but i have a radar for that sort of thing. :rolleyes: cool vid nonetheless.
  9. Fourth_Letter

    Beer Suggestions

    Had this before bed last nite. Very grapefruity with a bit of sediment (which I'm not used to really) floating about. A tasty beer, but not something I'd have more than one of in a sitting.
  10. Fourth_Letter

    trail conditions

    it would be awesome to ride the entire length of the towpath. when I drove by it in South Bound Brook and took a peek, it looked snowy, slushy, and a tad muddy. but i saw lots of bike tracks and foot prints. :D
  11. Fourth_Letter

    Garmin Edge 305

    @soundz you do have a point. and if im on the trainer, as long as my heart rate is in the zone who cares about my pedaling. :p
  12. Fourth_Letter

    Garmin Edge 305

    with the bike mount and cadence sensor it comes to 260ish plus tax. orrrr i found this:
  13. Fourth_Letter

    Garmin Edge 305

    they do? hrmm...must do more research then. i just feel as though the display is gunna be too small
  14. Fourth_Letter

    never going to be able to ride

    I'm gunna head to 6mi saturday to play. At least if I crash on the ice it will be cushy from all my layers. :)
  15. Fourth_Letter

    Garmin Edge 305

    I checked out the forerunner. I want cadence as well and it would be nice to have it on my bike where I can see everything. I'm selling some stuff on ebay to raise funds.
  16. Fourth_Letter

    Royal Jersey

    Got two of them for X-mas. Retail is 60 bucks. Looking to get 20 or trade for a good 29er tire to try out :). Size XXL with tags still on. The purple in the pic is a little light. The actual jersey is a darker purple.
  17. Fourth_Letter

    Garmin Edge 305

    Looking for a Garmin Edge 305 w/ HR and Cadence monitor. I know people don't usually have these thing lying around, but if you have one and want to upgrade, I've got cash. I need one for this new training thing I got goin. :D
  18. Fourth_Letter

    Beer Suggestions

    Picked this up tonite. Tasty.
  19. Fourth_Letter

    DMR Trailstar

    PM sent.
  20. Fourth_Letter

    Beer Suggestions for that place looks tasty! oh. and so does their menu. :rolleyes:
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