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  1. pxs231

    Thule Ride Along Mini for sale $80

    I have a Thule Ride Along Mini for sale in great shape. It attaches to the steerer tube just below the stem. It is very stable and manageable. It works best on Hybrid or beach cruisers or MTBs with a large frame. It was a bit tight on my medium trance. PM if interested, located in Randolph.
  2. pxs231

    2008 Odyssey 150k on hold

    Updated PM!
  3. pxs231

    Carpenter for Hire

    Thanks, you guys did a great job. Matt came back for the drywall and his tapers worked their butt off too. Got the heatpumos operational about two weeks ago. Cleaning up some little things and then will call the town for the final inspection. I highly underestimated the project but I’m happy...
  4. pxs231

    Carpenter for Hire

    There you go!
  5. pxs231

    170mm cranks vs 175mm...

    I switched to 165mm cranks from 175 on my medium frame trail bike, mostly for knee comfort. I have shorter legs so the longer crank arms tended to force my knee to go through more extreme angles that caused discomfort, especially when I shifted forward on my saddle. The pedal strike reduction...
  6. pxs231

    Things that make you smile :)

    My 5 year old sons handy work with an impact driver and 1/4 drive screws, some scrap 2x8 pieces and construction adhesive..
  7. pxs231

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    That’s my status.... four large window frames covered by a tarp and plastic bag. I will provide weekly updates...
  8. pxs231

    Compressor for Tubeless?

    This is pretty small and cheap and works for me. I’m seated a few plus tires using it.
  9. pxs231

    The Road to Somewhere

    This is just an opinion, but if there was something to do for my five year old like a kid race or something I wouldn’t be jumping in the car and running home right after I finish my race. I think there is some untapped potential there. My son still talks about Kristine’s Bloomfield bike fest...
  10. pxs231

    Free Electric Lawn Mower

    We have a random electric outlet in the middle of the yard and a ridiculously long extension cord already so we should be good... pickup at wildcat?
  11. pxs231

    Free Electric Lawn Mower

    I might grab that from you. It’s completely inadequate for an acre but it will do for now since I have to spend money on other things.
  12. pxs231

    Moving to NJ.... Where to live???

    How flexible are your work hours? The commute towards NYC and it’s traffic is very time dependent. We used to live in Hopatcong (terrible schools, lowish taxes, very close 15-20 minutes to a lot of great riding). My wife commuted from there to Paterson for many years and sat in that traffic. If...
  13. pxs231

    Canadian Geese: Most useless animal ever?

    That is pretty badass.... I guess people don’t like them because just like people they don’t give a shit about anything else...
  14. pxs231

    Wild Cat Wednesday!

    Are we parking at the same lot or moving up to the reservoir?
  15. pxs231

    Mooch Madness Special ONE DAY OFFER

    That reminded me of Rick and Morty inter dimensional cable!
  16. pxs231

    Contractor needed in Randolph

    We are looking at opening up the first floor in a cape cod (removing wall, moving a bathroom etc.). I normally do a lot the work myself but this time it needs to be properly permitted and reviewed by an engineer. PM if interested.
  17. pxs231

    Things that make you smile :)

    Goodies that my 5 year old brings home from kindergarten on a daily basis.
  18. pxs231

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Stop stalking us! First Tremblant at Christmas and now Pico over presidents weekend!
  19. pxs231

    Indoor/Outdoor Winter 2018-2019

    We were going too slow for any body flattening. When Jim leads with the fat tires I get to practice riding skinnies with my plus tires the whole ride. The nice thing is if you fall off the inverted snow skinny you just slow down a bit.
  20. pxs231

    Indoor/Outdoor Winter 2018-2019

    You didn’t mention that your camelbak hose froze and then snapped off in the middle....
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