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    "the longest day" 18 hr adventure race

    How do you get into these races? I have no experience in any type of race like this. But I would love to do one. Is there like beginner races or races that you would suggest to do? Or just sign up and do it?
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    Thanks How long would this take and how many miles?
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    I moved to Hoboken in October of last year. I haven't been on a bike since. This weekend I picked up my old Schwin World Sport from my parents. So, I figured I would start biking into work. I just want to know how to get to the GWB from Hoboken and then to work. I work at Columbia...
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    Thanks, I have done that. But its mostly bands that I already know of, nothing new. Anything else?
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    New Music I can not seem to find any really good new music. there is good stuff. But nothing that I want to listen to a whole album. I have a wide range. Mostly into that grunge era label, like nirvana, smashing pumpkins, and others. Also into some new stuff Interpol, And you will know us...
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    Who's giving Diego Sanchez a shot?

    Penn is going to rock him. Like you said diego is a big 155. In his last fight he seemed to gas against clay. Maybe making weight a second time will be easier. But Penn is so freaking good. Should be a good fight, but in the end Penn will be to much for him. Who else is on the card?
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    Possibly moving to Hoboken

    I might take a job in the city and just wondering where do people ride living there? Not sure if I am going to keep my car or not at this point. Any input would be great.
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    Mt. Washington, NH

    Is there any good riding in the area? Checked out mtbr and said it was just fire roads and cross country sking. Anyone been there?
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    Just wanted to say thanks to John at CycleWorks. I had a great time at his skills clinic. It had some cool obstacles.
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    Trail Blocked

    Why was there logs thrown all over the path? The trail is a short hill that connects to the dirt path that runs parallel to the road in the park, near the house at the end. Just wondering why?
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    Average Time

    No, I don't ride the cell tower climb. I think I ride pretty much the race course. I don't know any of the trails names. There is only so many trails at KVSP so I would imagine its close to the race course.
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    Average Time

    Yea, its a non stop ride. I think I could push harder. The one thing that I think I could do better is the climbs. I usually take it easy up hills and ride in an easy gear. If I ride in a harder gear and power up the hills that will keep my momentum going faster. I was just asking this...
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    Average Time

    Just wanted to know if this is average time. I ride at KSVP at least 2 times a week. I do a loop that is 7.36 miles long and it takes me about 50 minutes. Usually less depending on how muddy it is. Is this an average time? I really haven't been riding as much as I would like too. But, I have...
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    Help with descents

    All your info is helpful. I have the same problem. I just went over the handle bars the other night. I'm a newbie, been riding for 3 months. I think its more nerves then technique. I ride by myself all the time and I tend to think to much when going downhill, not trusting my bike. I went...
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    MTBNJ Group Ride: Stephen's, 8/10

    I'm in. Rode deer park for the first time last weekend. And it would be great to get a tour of stephens park. Are we meeting where shaggz posted?
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    Deer Park

    thanks heading up to Centenary now. Will hit the trail by 630.
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    Deer Park

    I'm going up to Centenary College today, and want to ride in Deer Park. How do I get to Deer Park from there? And any recommended trails or loops? Thanks
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    Black Bears

    I was at the park last week and I was coming down a hill. And at the corner of my eye I see something move right next to me. It was a bear. I was moving pretty good so no harm done. I swear I could have touched it. I heard the bear take off running through the woods. It just made me think...
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    What to do?

    Engignar-Yea it seems like a really nice bike. And I am able to adjust the fork and shock. I'm going to bring it to a bike shop just to get everything checked out. Well thats good that youre happy with your bike. I really haven't heard to much about them from people on forums. But, i read a...
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    What to do?

    Thanks for the advice. I'll probably take it to Cycle Works. Its right down the road from where i work and they seem like pretty good guys.
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