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  1. Jam5377

    Glen Park Enduro

    The Pocono Bike Club brings you the Glen Park Enduro on November 13th 2016! Four stages of flow and features on the Glen's signature terrain! Register today! The Pocono Bike Club gave you the double down super d last November but now they are going full Enduro! 4 stages of flow and features to...
  2. Jam5377

    Pocono Bike Club Glen Park Super D - Sat 11/14

    Yes there is day of registration. Day of registration is cash only -$35- open until 11:00am. If you do not hold a USAC license, there is a $10 fee for a one day license. Either bike will be just fine for this course. It's shaping up to be a great day!
  3. Jam5377

    Pocono Bike Club Glen Park Super D - Sat 11/14

    Course preview of Super D!! Bikes, beer, chili and great people!!! Come check it out!! 11/14/15
  4. Jam5377

    Farewell Chris Schilling

    Heartbreaking. Rest in Peace Chris.
  5. Jam5377

    River's Edge Bike Park

    Hey all. There is a new bike park slated to be built in the Poconos! The River's Edge Bike Park is a GREAT thing happening here. They are looking for a bit more funding to start digging in. This is pretty local for most people. All it takes is a few people and a few bucks and this...
  6. Jam5377

    Tour Divide

    Great flick:
  7. Jam5377

    How is Your Winter Going?

    I was hoping for a good ski season.. .. but that ain't happening! It's been a great "riding" winter, however, I haven't done any. I started skiing before I got the OK from the doc regarding my elbow, but it doesn't bother me on the snow... However, I tried riding a few days ago and while it...
  8. Jam5377

    winter ride pics

    I need to get back there and redeem myself after my mishap ... :duh:
  9. Jam5377

    Anyone live in the Poconos?

    there is some flooding at the "usual" spots on the fire road.. I hear that part of the trail called Alaska Peace may be a bit washed out. Also, another trail called the Bridges could be washed out as well, since it sits lower and there are 3 "stream" crossings. Sadly, all of the above...
  10. Jam5377

    Anyone live in the Poconos?

    If you go up the road past the ski area, there is a parking area on your right. You have to pass the condos and all that. The trail head is at the parking lot and you just go right up the fire road. From there you can dip into the woods on the right. Here is a GPS of a quick almost 8 mile...
  11. Jam5377

    Girls Skills Ride

    Had a great time! thanks again to the Campmor gals! You guys rock!
  12. Jam5377

    Beginner Rides?

    Hopefully I can make it next time. :(
  13. Jam5377

    Anyone live in the Poconos?

    Bora- my hubby rides CBK on the Weds & Friday rides. He went last night and said the trails were pretty messy. They cleared a lot of stuff up on their way thru. The normal trickling streams were still pretty high so if you cross them, prepare to get your feet wet. Otherwise, it's rideable and...
  14. Jam5377

    Anyone live in the Poconos?

    Camelback has Wednesday and Friday group rides at 6pm. The riders are all pretty friendly and paces/skills vary. If you are interested in checking those trails out, just pop in and tag along.
  15. Jam5377

    Beginner Rides?

    Looks like I am out ladies. My sitter didn't pan out. Have a great time and maybe I will catch up when Brodie turns 18! lol
  16. Jam5377

    Beginner Rides?

    I was wondering about the condition of the parks.. I wanna get out and ride.. right now it looks like the only place rideable is Camelback.... but I'm waiting on the word from the peeps on the conditions there as well
  17. Jam5377

    Anyone live in the Poconos?

    Camelback / Big Pocono / State Gamelands is where I ride most on the weekdays I can get out. It's just up from Camelback Ski Area. There are a lot of trails out there and it is not illegal to ride. HOWEVER, you have to be VERY careful during hunting season. You are NOT allowed to ride there...
  18. Jam5377

    Beginner Rides?

    I can do that... Provided my babysitter doesn't fall thru that day. I get out of work at 3, can be in the area @4 once I drop my son off. So I am a tentative yes :)
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