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  1. Rutli1291

    Found a Key on Tombstone

    Today around 2 pm, it was fresh, right on top of the dirt like it was lost today. PM or post if you lost one.
  2. Rutli1291

    Weekday Rides

    I can do a Tuesday or Thursday ( either or) with some advance notice. Will keep an eye on this thread.
  3. Rutli1291

    Riding near Newark ?

    OK, my relative wound up taking the bus, ( maybe he's heard about my driving? haha)...but thanks for the tips. Velocity, I'll meet you at Cunningham anytime, although that is one place you never need a guide. Those trails are marked in painstaking detail. It is the kind of place that might...
  4. Rutli1291

    Winter rides

    Ally - can you ever ride midweek? I am pretty much with the family on weekends, but I could give a tour of Waway midweek sometime. ( Not sure if there is hunting midweek, that would be something to check on I suppose.) Heidi
  5. Rutli1291

    Riding near Newark ?

    Panhead, even I know Pine Island isn't even close to Newark! Can you ride trails yet or only roads? Iggy, I know how to get to the trails you mention, by Skyline or by Route 23. I was thinking newark might count as "central jersey". I will check out Chimney Rock and see if it's feasible...
  6. Rutli1291

    Riding near Newark ?

    Hey, I am bringing a relative to Newark Airport this weekend. I am not real familiar with the geography in that area... I was wondering if I should toss my bike in the car and try to find a trail. I will be coming over the GWB from NYC and heading south to Newark. So I guess it would be...
  7. Rutli1291

    The 2011 MTBNJ Fundraiser

    Hi, I got your email. Definitely I don't want any trinkets! Save 'em. I would , however take one of the celebrity guided rides if they are still on the blocks. :-) I'd take a no-drop sometime! Round Valley mid week....Jungle Habitat/RW midweek....or maybe JH or Ringwood on a weekend if...
  8. Rutli1291

    Mon & Tues--11/15 +16

    Hey, hope your thumb is better by now.
  9. Rutli1291

    Mon & Tues--11/15 +16

    I can't really travel early in the week. Was at a wedding all day and now I'm really behind on everything. Are you going any days later in the week?
  10. Rutli1291

    may i direct your attention to the rides folder (you can see garmin data on RV too)...well...

    may i direct your attention to the rides folder (you can see garmin data on RV too)...well anyway great seeing you today...that was a tough ride but great and if u can take the slowness will ride again next week! xo
  11. Rutli1291

    Round Valley, Fri 12th at 9:30am

    Thanks so much for the ride! That is one challenging route. great company, would love to do it again, once my legs decide they are still speaking to me.
  12. Rutli1291

    Clinic with Gene Hamilton - June 3-5, 2011

    IN and perfect timing, I will clear my schedule for that one. thanks. Heidi
  13. Rutli1291

    Round Valley, Fri 12th at 9:30am

    haha, I was going to say she had plastc surgery.:-P
  14. Rutli1291

    Round Valley, Fri 12th at 9:30am

    I wish I rode like her! I am Heidi C and I am from NY, and I do race when I can. But I am sure you are thinking of Heidi B. Psyched to ride tomorrow! I am going to research a little and make sure I have all the info about where to park, etc. I will PM my contact info.
  15. Rutli1291

    Round Valley, Fri 12th at 9:30am

    I could possibly make that. Did you have a pace in mind? Also, I have only been to RV once so I don't know sign you mention. I remember some Scout Camp sites up the hill. About how many hours ride are you talking about? Heidi
  16. Rutli1291

    Friday, Nov.5th--2 park loop

    Dave, wishing you a quick recovery. Heidi
  17. Rutli1291

    Party for Marty Nov. 20 - help out Cycle Boy!

    handknit mittens coming...sent today Heidi
  18. Rutli1291

    Great photo!

    haha! That is from Moab!!! My friend was in that race, I cracked up when I saw that. I posted it to my trail running group, they barely got the joke.
  19. Rutli1291

    Party for Marty Nov. 20 - help out Cycle Boy!

    Oh, my. That is a really tough situation and I am so sorry Pete and his family are going through this. I don't live in the area but I was passing by yesterday. I wanted to drop off some brand new kids clothes, hoodies and stuff, new with tags on. Useful play clothes, I'm sure someone will...
  20. Rutli1291

    Ladies in the Rumble

    Am I reading this right? Was that skiphreak on the podium??? After all that talk about being nervous to race.. congrats! :-) And Pedals with the win..wooohooo! Congrats an hope it was fun. Heidi
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