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    Freshening a camelbak

    table spoon of bleech diluted.
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    Wounded Warrior bikes STOLEN at R2R event

    hey guys, ive got a few buddies that are involved with R2R, and confirmed that the bike was recovered. (left in a park). Too bad they didnt catch the dirtbag.
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    Hope Pro 2 Hubs on Stans Rims 29er

    Sold. Thanks guys.
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    Hope Pro 2 Hubs on Stans Rims 29er

    up for grabs...Hope Pro 2 Straight Pull hubs (BLack) Rear wheel was Just rebuilt (new Spokes and nipples) to a new Stan's Arch EX rim. ridden 5 times raced 2 times. Front wheel is Also Pro 2 Hub Straight pull laced to a crest rim. Hubs and front rim are 2 seasons old. Wheels are 29er...
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    My Hovercraft is Full of Podcasts

    Two things I would like to address. 1) I can bring my Conservative right-wing banter over here if you like. I am damn proud to be one of the only people who will actually speak up against the liberal majority cycling community. I dont race or ride to make friends. So, hopefully (like norm and...
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    My Hovercraft is Full of Podcasts

    Great race and entertaining write up. Thanks for the ass tap Norm. I think you should have done the same to Jeff. Enjoy making fun of the fat kid now, because, unless I get another drill bit in my eye or my wife drives her car over my bikes (very possible at this point), I wont be fat for much...
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    Bearscat 2012

    Probably one of (if not THE) best mountain bike race of 2011 in the area. I think Jeff (Greatfulrider) put it best as saying this race is probably the the best indicator of who are the top guys around. Taking into consideration the distance, technical challenge, etc...absolutely takes a well...
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    Going Long and Hard.

    I also raced the Plattekill XC race (back in 97-98?) and yes, that course was KILLER! Not only did the climb up the ski mountain SUCK, you had no time to recover before they shot you down some gnarly DH trail! Pretty nuts if you ask me. That race hurt like a bitch.
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    Bagels & Bacon Short Track Race #2

    I guess I forgot to read the last part of your statement. Yea, we both pretty much said the same thing.
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    Waywayanda 9/25 AM

    Juan, we will try to ride all the course. Honestly I am TERRIBLE with directions so I cannot guarantee you will ride every single part, but we will hit a lot of it.
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    Waywayanda 9/25 AM

    If anyone is interested, myself and (hopefully) a few others will be doing a ride at wayway tomorrow at 8am. Looking to get in 2-3 hrs. at a pretty steady pace.
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    Bagels & Bacon Short Track Race #2

    Interesting because I truly believe its the exact opposite. With longer races there is more attrition involved. You can be a "diesel" rider in a longer race and grid people opposed to the short-track, where you have almost ALL intensity (all fitness). There is nowhere to hide in these...
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    2011 Rumble Pics

    Nice work Dan! Thanks!
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    No pics from Rumble in the Jungle :(

    actually, being "fat" at the Jungle is helpful. The weight keeps the power down through the rocks
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    No pics from Rumble in the Jungle :(

    Norm, 194. which is "bike racer fat"!
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    No pics from Rumble in the Jungle :(

    Cant wait to see how fat I am!:D
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    Rumble in the Jungle news and notes

    Jeff, you will be successful at anything you set you mind to! I could see you tearing up the Nathans hot dog eating contest scene.
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    Kids and Competition!

    I never really got into "ball sports" in school and started racing MTB in 8th grade. I WISH there were programs that encouraged cycling. It has gotten much better with many of the U-19 Road programs in the area and Jersey has had many good riders come from them. I remember always thinking it...
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