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    Threaded rod headset press. Concerns?

    That is one slick homemade tool! I've used the threaded rod and washers lots of times. It's easy if done carefully as many posted.
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    Shimano 9-speed shifters & Shadow Derailleurs

    I bought a pair of shifters and a derailleur. It was a pleasure doing business and chatting with Rick. Nice guy and very knowledgeable. And I'm glad I can still run a 9 speed drivetrain with new parts.
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    medium/small full suspension frame

    PM sent.
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    health question...

    Cycopath....opps!! I mean Cyclopath;) (You know I already told you I love your zany sense of humor dahling!:D) My belated condolences on your poor ole G, G, G, Grandpappy.:D :hmmm: I tend to have trouble with a lot of clinical studies myself. One reason is because there are always new...
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    health question...

    Pixy, you said Art "had" osteoporosis....does that mean he was able to reverse the bone loss? I have 'osteopenia', the precursor to osteoporosis. I was totally bummed out to hear that because I believed what I read, that eating dairy products was supposed to prevent bone density loss. NOT...
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    Indoor Bike Rack/Stand

    Holds 2 bikes...Arms are adjustable...Rubber blocks solid...V. good condition, seldom used...$30 Sorry for the ass-backwards pictures:o...I'll be dammed if I can figure out how to post photos:confused::o Although I have managed to figure out how to put photos into emails if that's...
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    2013 World Championships In US

    Ben, thanks for the Jamesburg race info. I don't race but like the course.:popcorn: Plus I lost everything last May when my computer crashed :cry: so I need to start photographing again.
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    2013 World Championships In US

    Sorry I don't know how to directly place links to these stories, but it would be a bloody shame if these got scrapped. :cry: Two stories about it in "Louisville in danger of losing 2013 'Cross Worlds" "Fina says 2013 UCI Elite Cyclo-cross World Championships is not...
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    2011 MTBNJ/JORBA Potluck Picnic

    What's the possibility of having a bike/parts--swap/sale kind of thing at the same time? Or would that complicate things? As in keeping folks from drinking too much beer?:p
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    RX Riding Glasses Is anyone using any of the Oakley prescription sunglasses....or with clear or orange lenses? I hate :getsome:buying prescription's easier for me to pick out a new car than it is to buy glasses for my eyes! And I'm in need of new riding glasses.
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    Stan's No Tubes - still losing pressure

    Pixy, Are you saying you use a double layer of boot or duct tape with thinner, non-tubeless tires, as well as double the sealant?
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    Bike Stands

    Blackburn, what do you mean by a "thread-on clamp set"? I've seen some DIY repair stands that use a configuration of pipes as the base and post, and "Pony Clamps" for clamping the seat-tube.
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    Building wheelsets

    It's Not Black Magic Hi Max, Building wheels is not the black magic a lot of people think it is. I taught myself how to build wheels from books. I built a set of MTB wheels that came out fine. If you like to work on your bike or just like working with your hands, go for it. It's a...
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    1985 Trek 670 - what to do?

    That's a nice looking Nishiki BobbyB. Just wondering what size the frame is, and are the wheels 700c? Those rims are looks as if you have whitewall tires on.
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    Need help with tubeless / Tubeless 101

    Thanks for answering my questions Rob and Lou! :)
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    XC Skis

    PM sent.
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    Need help with tubeless / Tubeless 101

    Robson - What do you consider the "bead channel" on the inside of the rim?
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    Need help with tubeless / Tubeless 101

    Lou - Is that 1 inch wide tape you're using? It looks wider in photo #3.
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    29er Wheelset and Misc Parts

    :hysterica Thank-You Jake,....I don't personally know most of the people who post on mtbnj. Now I'll be able to recognize at least one of you guys on the trail. :hmmm: Ummm.....just trying to figure out what kind of bike a guy like him might be riding.....
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    29er Wheelset and Misc Parts

    PM sent
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