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  1. ryderX

    Dickerson Mine Endurnace Oct 29 2023

    Come on it’s a 3 hour race- if my math is correct that’s 1 bottle for the 3 hours and you should have some left over to wash the dirt off your legs.
  2. ryderX

    Post your Cat =^..^=

  3. ryderX

    Highbridge Injury

    I’d say it’s parasitic symbiotic relationship.
  4. ryderX

    Highbridge Injury

    Technically it’s the insurance companies who do the suing- trying to recoup the monies they lay out for the moron repairs.
  5. ryderX

    Own a Piece of Mooch (sort of)

    I feel just the opposite- that state has an every reason and the resources to purchase it. I’m guessing the public listing of the parcel is a requirement or something related to the “sunshine law(s)”.
  6. ryderX

    Own a Piece of Mooch (sort of)

    Unfortunately the Allamuchy camp has been involved:
  7. ryderX

    Own a Piece of Mooch (sort of)

    This is from the listing description: Unique land opportunity recreational or forestry use such as hiking, biking or timbering.. Suited for a non-profit organization or environment group. The property lots are accessible via the northern side of Waterloo Road and surround the MASR camp on three...
  8. ryderX

    Mosquitos and annoying gnats.

    Eliminate all laundry products that are scented, use unscented shampoo, deodorant and ditch the manfume sexy body spray. Eat more garlic, ride faster and don’t stop.
  9. ryderX

    Garmin 745 Forerunner

    Garmin 745 Forerunner. Excellent condition, no issues. Charging cable included. I prefer a local meet up. I’m located near Stephens SP though I work in Essex Co. $245.00
  10. ryderX

    Ice cream?

    The Workman’s and myself created the bypass for one of the 24HOA races.
  11. ryderX

    Ice cream?

    Looking back at some pictures I’m afraid to admit that it’s probably closer to 27 or 28 years ago. This picture is from the 1997 24 Hours of Allamuchy and Jumbo is the Mario looking character 2nd from the left.
  12. ryderX

    Ice cream?

    The story behind the name goes back close to 20 years. The original trail went straight up a washed out gully that predated the rideable bypass and at the time we just referred to as the gully trail. I use to ride with a guy who was about 12 or 13 years older than me and he was just an animal on...
  13. ryderX

    Large 2021 Cannondale World Cup F-si

    Large Cannondale F-Si Hi-Mod World Cup replica. Never ridden- actually it’s never even had pedals installed on it. The bike is flawless, super light (19.2 lbs w/out pedals) and is ready to rock. Since I’ve pretty much given up on riding and focused on long distance running it just collects dust...
  14. ryderX

    Kreitler Alloy Rollers

    Kreitler alloy rollers 4.5” with a standard fork stand and the weighted flywheel. Excellent condition. Old school but when the whole shebang goes south you’ll still be able to train by candlelight. $250.00 or B.O.
  15. ryderX

    SOLD Wahoo Kickr Headwind

    Pretty much new in the box, I purchased last year and never used it. I’m located near Stephens SP and could meet up to deliver it in person. SOLD Kris
  16. ryderX

    Hot water heater relief valve

    How old is the water heater ? P&T valves are relatively reliable though usually when folks test them they never reseat. If it’s not weeping you’re good to go.
  17. ryderX

    Is the inflated Bike market finally crashing?

    I’m not sure if that was my point. Read the thread (if it still exists) and let us know what you think.
  18. ryderX

    Is the inflated Bike market finally crashing?

    Hopefully the thread still exists somewhere.
  19. ryderX

    Is the inflated Bike market finally crashing?

    I trust not many of us are surprised by this assessment. It does bring to mind the very long, extremely enlightening and entertaining thread from the Covid era that basically bashed the GP’s ignorance of all things 2 wheeled. If I recall correctly the consumer was soundly bashed, mocked and...
  20. ryderX

    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    When in Chicago drink Chicago beer.
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